In 1930 Josef Hämmerle started a bike shop in the Austrian locality of Hard nr. Lake Constance. In the 1950s more and more customers bought bikes “Made in Switzerland”, which Josef Hämmerle didn’t like at all. But instead of just being annoyed by this he began to build his own high-quality bikes with both his sons Kurt and Heinz and realised his own idea of quality bikes. The high standards of quality were communicated with a brand name which suggested Swiss Quality: SIMPLON which is a high mountain pass over 2,000m in the Valais Alps.

The company was registered under the name SIMPLON in 1961, the beginning of a truly remarkable success story, crowned with the sporting success of the Tour of Austria (Ö-Tour) by Gerhard Zadrobilek in 1981. After Austria joined the EU, SIMPLON started to sell bikes into Switzerland and Germany too. SIMPLON turnover as well as the number of units sold rose considerably year after year. Thanks to constant high-end innovative developments and the highest demands on quality, SIMPLON didn’t only achieve an excellent reputation just with our loyal customers. The media praised our work for the superlight and stiff classy road bikes from Vorarlberg too. Even today road bike experts rave about road bikes such as the Vision, Pride or the Pavo. All these bikes were ahead of their time, all of them were the best that you could buy for your money at that time. Nontheless spectacular was the development of the mountan bikes. Names like Mythos, Gravity and Cirex remain in the heads of the off-roaders too.

Important product launches:

1992 Mythos // 1994 Vision RR (Carbon) // 2000 Gravity MTB (Carbon) // 2002 Cirex MTB (Carbon-Fully) // 2004 Pride RR // 2005 Stomp MTB // 2007 Pavo RR // 2008 Razorblade 26 Zoll MTB // 2010 Serum RR // 2011 Silkcarbon ALS // 2013 Pavo 3 Ultra RR // 2016 MR.T2 // 2016 Pavo GF (SL)