Bikers, dreamers, design engineers, athletes, inventors, engineers, designers, idealists: the SIMPLON family is linked by a passion for the no-compromise bike. Exceptional quality, decades of experience in building bikes and racing, development of innovative technologies and manufacturing processes as well as the tradition of being a family company make SIMPLON a technology and quality leader in the industry. This treasure of knowledge enables the SIMPLON design engineers team to develop high-end machines for our race teams, which every year win new country master titles and other great successes. Each SIMPLON customer can profit from this and take his or her mobility to a new level. Via individual technical and design solutions we set ourselves apart from the masses to be able to offer you your own personal dream bike!



CARBON: the latest excellence

Thanks to fibre suitable carbon engineering variations in stiffness in the fibre orientation are prevented by fluent transitions. Extremely light fibre layers are created in the hotmelt prepreg procedure. The hot melting resin impregnates the carbon fibre deeper, whereby the resin proportion necessary in the carbon fibre compound drops significantly. Our lightest models are now manufactured from DOUBLE FUSION TECHNOLOGY from only two carbon parts. Thus reducing the necessary joining points to a minimum and reducing weight. Thanks to the HIGH PRESSURE CARBON MOULDING procedure the lightest frames with especially high strength are created.

ALUMINIUM: Quality made from alloy

Aluminium frames by SIMPLON are the ideal balance between great stiffness and lightweight. The aluminium alloys, ASC-9 and ULTRA T-6, used by SIMPLON are for the same weight much more resilient than traditional 7005 aluminium. The HYDROFORMING technology enables a complex, three dimensional shaping of the tubes comparable with carbon frames.

EFBe-TEST: Above the norms

The SIMPLON frames have adequate load reserves and easily exceed the standards of the independent institutes. Many SIMPLON frames and components such as forks, seat posts, bars and stems are tested externally at the EFBe laboratory institute in the highest "TOP Performance" class. These voluntary tests are subject to much higher requirements than a regular EN-test.