SIMPLON offers the initial buyer a voluntary extended warranty period of 4 years for breakage of SIMPLON frames or SIMPLON solid forks due to material or manufacturing errors.
For bikes or frame sets which were sold after 1st October 2009, initial buyers can extend this warranty period to 6 years in total.
Pre-requisite for this warranty extension is online registration of the bike or frame set. This registration is only valid if it is done within 20 days from the date of purchase.
For SIMPLON carbon frames this registration also includes the possibility of a claim for a crash replacement (not applicable for aluminium frames).
In any case please ensure you keep the purchase receipt (invoice) for your frame or bike, in spite of registration, as in case of a claim proof of purchase is required.

» Online Registration - Extend warranty to 6 years

Details of the warranty conditions and the Crash Replacement Programme can be found in detail on our website under the corresponding menu items.

It is possible to register bikes which were bought before 1st October 2009 but it neither prolongs the length of warranty nor does it entitle you to crash replacement.