CIREX 120 Bikesport 2/2017

Simplon's Cirex will be a resounding success.  A very fast bike, which cuts a fine figure both on a mountain bike marathon as well as on cross-country.

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CIREX 120 2/2017

29” tyres, 120mm travel, dropper seat post, Sram 1x12 Eagle and only 11kg. The ingredients for an optimum XC bike.


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CIREX 120 World of mtb / Best of 2017

With the Simplon Cirex SIMPLON wants to appeal to MTB tourers and not just hardcore racers.

RAPCON 140 World of mtb / Best of 2017

Crafted goods
The Rapcon with 140mm travel and 650B wheels is the linking full-suspension in the range.

CIREX 120 PRO 22 AktivRadfahren 1-2/2017

Fast and furious 29 inch race FS which also knows how to shine on ambitious rides.

RAZORBLADE 29 SL bike 08/2016

A nippy and comfortable racer suitable for marathons and fast rides, with excellent equipment, ingenious details and flexible customisable system.

KIBO 275 ALU World of MTB 07/2016

It's a very sporty bike, raring to go to help you complete a trans-alp in the fastest possible time.

KURO 275 ALU bikesport 7-8/2016

The Simplon Kuro is a versatile allmountain with excellent riding characteristics.

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RAZORBLADE 29 SL 05/2016

Perfect construction and lots of well-thought out details.

KURO 275 ALU World of MTB 05/2016

The allrounder with that extra bit of travel

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CIREX 29 bikesport 05-06/2016

Hot-blooded racer waiting to be pushed to the limits over the course.

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CIREX 29 bike 04/2016

Test winner in the race FS test 2016! Coypright Delius Klasing Verlag

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KURO 275 ALU World of MTB "Best of Bike" 02/2016

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RAZORBLADE 29 World of MTB 01/2016

The Razorblade 2016 has been completely revised.

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SENGO 275 World of MTB 12/2015

With the Simplon Sengo 275 you get a classy high-end e-hardtail, which hardly leaves anything to be desired. Our tip: order the dropper seat post with it straight away.

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KIBO 275 CARBON World of MTB 06/2015

In a few words, the Simplon Kibo Carbon hasn’t died down even after several years and wins you over…

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KIBO 275 CARBON MountainBIKE 02/2015

Very good: nimble as a weasel uphill, lively on the trail and remarkable downhill ...

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SENGO 275 ElektroBIKE 01/2015

Faster, go even faster. This sophisticated Austrian doesn’t like tame rides which definitely suits the drive unit which is bursting with power. 

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SENGO 275 ElektroRad 01/2015

Technically the Sengo has its finger on the pulse and overall leaves a good impression. Very good.

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SENGO 275 e-bike 01/2015

Agile trail bike with great equipment and outstanding handling.

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SENGO 275 bikesport 01-02/2015

With the Sengo Simplon offers an elegant and sophisticated E-mountain bike. The riding performance as well as the equipment will win you over. 

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CIREX 29 World of MTB 07/2014

Marathon winner: A marathon racer through and through.

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KURO 275 CARBON World of MTB 06/2014

The Kuro is an allrounder and with a different gear ratio it's ideal for tours and all-mountain use.

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KIBO 275 ALU MountainBIKE 02/2014

Very good: thanks to the hungry 130mm suspension and the brilliantly agile handling the KIBO excels both as a partner for long alpine tours as well as a trail bandit in true all mountain style.

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KURO 275 CARBON MountainBIKE 01/2014

Very good: Let's rock n roll. The Kuro is liked uphill as nimble allrounder, excels at downhill with its brazen, agile, dynamic handling. On top it's light with great equipment. Buy it!

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KIBO 275 CARBON Bike 12/2013

The 3500 kilometres with the Kibo will definitely remain completely positive in my memory.

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CURE 29 World of MTB 09/2013

Sporty and fast off-road just like its carbon brother Razorblade.

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KIBO 275 ALU MountainBIKE 01/2013

Very good: the KIBO excels with balanced geometry, positive handling and nimble drive.

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CURE 29 aktivRadfahren 01-02/2013

The Cure is one of the best allround bikes in the test.

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CIREX 29 bikesport 11/2012

It can't get a lot better than this.. 

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KIBO 275 CARBON World of MTB 08/2012

With the Kibo SIMPLON manages to combine the desired numerous properties which a touring full suspension should have in a bike the best and is thus the winner of our test. 

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KIBO 275 CARBON World of MTB 04/2012

The Kibo is the series winner from Simplon.

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With the Pavo GF Disc the Austrian carbon specialist shows it’s possible to combine disc brakes and lightweight design.

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INISSIO GF Ultegra 3/2017

Good seating comfort in the saddle, relatively lightweight, with lots of equipment options and good tyre clearance.

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PAVO GF DISC Procycling 3/2017

With the Pavo GF Disc the Austrian carbon specialist shows it’s possible to combine disc brakes and lightweight design .

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PAVO GF DISC ULTEGRA AktivRadfahren 1-2/2017

Simplon has implemented the Gran Fondo design systematically. Ride characteristics, components and design are in perfect harmony.

PAVO GF RennRad 07/2016

Das allgemeine Fazit fällt eindeutig aus: das Simplon ist ein Rad für die Langstrecke, das aus technischer, optischer und funktioneller Sicht keine Wünsche offen lässt.

PAVO GF SL 06/2016

Es ist herausragend komfortabel, sehr leicht und spritzig, und auch mehr als steif genug für schwere Fahrer.

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PAVO 3 Procycling 06/2016

"I have always found the cockpit components on the Simplon bikes simply excellent."


Test winner for the marathon racers!

MR.T2 RennRad 06/2016

The bike is fast, light and handling is easy.

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Innovative, comfortable all-rounder. 

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Recommended buy: third best in test 

INISSIO GRANFONDO aktivRadfahren 03/2015

All-rounder. Rating "Outstanding".

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KIARO TOUR 03/2013

Very lightweight, extremely stable, well damped, and exceptionally equipped.

KIARO RoadBIKE 01/2013

Great equipment useful specs. Fantastically lightweight!

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KIARO TOUR 05/2014

On the testbench the KIARO is one of the top pupils

PAVO 3 RennRad 04/2014

Exceptionally light. A very successful allrounder with road bike character.

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PAVO 3 RennRad 05/2014

Without a doubt: in the premier league of road bikes.

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PAVO 3 TOUR 02/2014

Light, stable, well damped speed machine!

PAVO 3 TOUR International 03/2016

Lightest complete bike in the test!

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PAVO 3 ULTRA RoadBIKE 02/2013

1st place best frame list

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Mountain rocket... it's (...) one of the lightest frame sets available.  

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PAVO 3 ULTRA RennRad 09/2015

Tip: buy it! Fast, robust, ready to race.

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PAVO 3 ULTRA RoadBIKE 02/2016

Road bike marks for frame: very good!

PAVO GRANFONDO Roadbike 02/2016

Road bike test verdict "Very good!"

PAVO GF 04/2016

"Recommended buy for all those who are looking for a long-distance road bike..."


CHENOA UNI ElektroRad 1/2017

Lightweight, stiff and nimble: this is how to describe the Chenoa in a few words. A premium city bike with excellent ride characteristics.

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CHENOA HS e-bike 02/2016

Perfekter Tourer, leicht, fahrstabil, hochwertig augestattet. Toller Carbonrahmen. 

KAGU ElektroRad 02/2016

Confident on tour!

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CHENOA HS e-bike 02/2016

Test winner: touring bikes!

CHENOA HS ElektroBIKE 01/2016

A fully-equipped touring bike under 20 kg! The light weight is convincing whichever way you look at it.

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CHENOA HS ElektroRad 01/2016

Light, really sporty touring bike and agile too for pure riding pleasure.

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KAGU 600 AktivRadfahren 1-2/2017

Low maintenance, comfortable, premium quality and quite a fun touring bike with 26” wheels and great equipment. Well-recommended for touring and everyday life.

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SILK CARBON aktivRadfahren 05/2016

Comfort with carbon-fibre!

SPOTLIGHT Trekkingbike 03/2016

Fully-equipped yet still the lightest model in the test!

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SPOTLIGHT aktivRadfahren 1-2/2016

Just like it was moulded in one piece, everything's just right here: black beauty.

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INISSIO TOUR aktivRadfahren 1-2/2016

It’s not just the design of the Inissio, the whole bike is a racer.

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KAGU Trekkingbike 06/2015

The KAGU is flexible, agile and at the same time very comfortable.

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INISSIO TOUR aktivRadfahren 1-2/2015

Test verdict "Outstanding"

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SILKCARBON Trekkingbike 03/2014

Very light. Good damping comfort thanks to materials and construction.

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KAGU RADtouren 03/2014

Best marks: highly suitable for travelling and everyday use, with no weaknesses.

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SILKCARBON aktivRadfahren 1-2/2014

Spearhead in the carbon cross segment. Wins you over with the ride comfort, great stiffness and lightweight.

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SILKCARBON adfc 01/2014

Suitable for every day use, third best bike ever tested! 

ALULITE 26 Trekkingbike 01/2014

Test verdict "Very good"

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KAGU aktivRadfahren 06/2012

Perfect harmony of riding pleasure, functionality and first-class details. One of the best bikes in the test.

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ALULITE 26 aktivRadfahren 1-2/2012

Outstanding / Best Buy: perfect city and touring bike.

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