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A journey through the Experience Centre


Succumb to the fascination “bike” at the Simplon Experience Centre! Read more on the blog about the steps to get your own customised bike! 

The Simplon Experience Centre

Bike craftmanship to feel and experience up close 

“Born & raised in Austria” – Simplon’s maxim and the respective passion for bikes can be felt all around at the company headquarters in Hard: employees who love and live biking. Premises that allow for a 360-degree brand experience. Bikes that are as unique and extraordinary as their buyers. 

The beating heart of the location – the Experience Centre – is the icing on the cake though: utmost customer proximity and high-performance created by hand. Go on a journey with Simplon … from the vision of a perfect bike to its materialisation! And in between? There’s a lot to discover and experience – promise!   

Step 1: Make an appointment! 

You’ve been dreaming about a new road bike for a while now. One that is perfectly adjusted to your needs and wishes. One that’s practically the equivalent of a made-to-measure suit Then it’s about time to dive into the world of Simplon and catch a whiff of perfectly perfectionistic air. All you need to do is secure yourself one of the much sought-after appointments at the Experience Centre and book it online right away. 

Here’s how easy it is: 

  1. By way of the new appointment scheduling tool, you can select your preferred location: either the Experience Center at the headquarters in Hard or at the location in Regensburg. 
  2. Road bike, mountain bike ore-mountain bike – depending on your preferences, each customer can test up to two bikes. Just select the desired model(s)! 
  3. You’ve found your dream bike? Then make an appointment at the Experience Centre right away! Green-coloured boxes signal which time slots are still available. 
  4. As a last step, you can compile your dream service package – with or without body scan – and enter your personal information. 
  5. Now, just hit send, and soon you’ll be able to succumb to your dream “bike” right on site! 

Step 2: Bike-Talk – what are you looking for in a bike? 

Leg length, height, ridden kilometres, frame size – by telling Simplon a few details beforehand, they’ll have a bike ready to test for you at your appointment which is tailored to your specific requirements. What’s next? Time! Time for the customer and his needs – an all-round costumer service that leaves nothing to be desired. That’s the secret sauce at the Simplon Experience Centre. 

Step 3: Special highlight: the body scanner

The body scanner is responsible for your perfect “made-to-measure suit”. Eight cameras scan your body’s dimensions and create a 3D image of you within a few seconds. The data is then compared to the geometries of the bike, and the saddle, handlebars, frame, etc. are adjusted. 

What happens after that? You hop on to the bike and test it on the rollers. The cameras scan your motion sequences to finetune certain nuances – which is especially recommended for ambitious road cyclists and triathletes … 

Now the time has finally come: With all the data having been collected, you and an expert on site can configure your own customised Simplon bike.   

Step 4: Putting the bike through its paces 

Once your bike has been configured, you’ll get to go on a test ride. Nice added bonus: The scenery surrounding Lake Bodensee is breathtakingly beautiful! If you don’t know your way around 100 per cent, you’ll get a Garmin GPS device mounted to your bike. On it, you’ll find two different routes. One leads you up into the mountains, the other one on a relatively level route into the Rhein delta. 

You’ve put your bike thoroughly through the wringer? Gathered a few first impressions? Then forward your feedback to the experts at the Experience Centre! The settings will be readjusted as needed. 

Step 5: Take the end configuration to your Simplon dealer!

Just take the end configuration and go to your trusted Simplon dealer. They’ll be happy to order your tailor-made bike for you! 

Big plus: If you purchase a bike, the testing fee for the Experience Centre will be subtracted from the price of your bike! 

Summed up: What awaits you at the Simplon Experience Centre?

  • exclusive personal customer support at the headquarters in Hard or at the location in Regensburg
  • adaptation of the bike to your body’s dimensions 
  • test rides on select routes 
  • configuration of your dream bike 
  • optional: body measurements taken with the body scanner 

What are you waiting for? Make an appointment at the Experience Centre  right away and experience the world of Simplon! 


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