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Austria’s fastest cycle courier: Stephan Rabitsch

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Cyclist Stephan Rabitsch works for VELOBLITZ courier service supplying elderly citizens with medications every week. Find out how he ended up becoming a courier!

Austria’s fastest cycle courier

Pro cyclist Stephan Rabitsch works for VELOBLITZ

In spring, Stephan Rabitsch usually participates in international bicycle races for the Felbermayr Simplon Wels team. But because of the corona crisis, everything’s different this year. All races were cancelled until August, and that’s why the bike pro started looking for a way to do something meaningful with his time: Now, he rides his bicycle through the city every week to supply elderly people with their medications and deliver lab samples to hospitals for the VELOBLITZ courier service. 

In an interview, he spoke to us about the most beautiful and strangest things that happened to him during this time, why social commitment and helping others is so important to him, and what he looks forward to most. 

You work as a bicycle courier. What does that look like, and who do you work for?

I work as a cycle courier for VELOBLITZ in my hometown of Graz, Austria. Usually, we take lab samples to hospitals, doctors, and medical laboratories. However, because of the current situation, we also run errands for elderly people who belong to the risk group, and we pick up their medications at the pharmacy for them.

How many times per week do you work?

I work once or twice a week. One shift usually lasts between five to ten hours – so you can easily average up to 180 km on the bike on a regular workday. 

How did you end up doing what you’re doing now?

My girlfriend ordered something, and it was delivered by VELOBLITZ. Later, I asked them if they could use some help – because I wanted to do something meaningful with my time.

The most beautiful experiences you had during the corona crisis so far?

As a young father, I experience special moments almost every day. My son is constantly learning something new. To witness it happening is an amazing feeling!

The strangest experiences you had during the corona crisis?

Empty streets, everyone wearing masks, and the reaction people have when someone sneezes.

Why is social commitment and helping others so important to you?

Especially now, many people are dependent on other people’s help. I’m healthy, my legs are fit, and I can contribute to society in a meaningful way by working for VELOBLITZ. 

What are you hoping will happen “after corona”?

I’m hoping that people are grateful and recognise how well off we are in Austria. And that people stick together a bit more again – in politics as well. 

Especially now, many people are dependent on other people’s help. I’m healthy, my legs are fit, and I can contribute to society in a meaningful way by working for VELOBLITZ.
-Stephan Rabisch-

The season starts again in August – how do you stay in shape?

I just continue training like I did before. In the beginning, I trained mostly on the rollers but I’m out on the road again now.

What does your training look like?

Right now, I really focus on the basics – as if I was in the preparatory phase that usually takes place in November/December. But my runs for VELOBLITZ in the city are usually very fast-paced sessions.

Do you have any tips on how to stay fit at home?

I started doing yoga. It keeps your body and mind fit – so that’s just what people need during this time.

When will you see your teammates again and train with them?

We’re really not able to say yet. Since our team consists of people from various nationalities, it’s a little tricky and depends on the travel restrictions of the different countries. At the moment, we can only train on Zwift together.

What are you looking forward to most when everything picks up a more normal pace again?

That’s easy: I look forward to the races and seeing my teammates again, and also to having barbecues with my family or meeting for coffee with my friends.

About Stephan Rabitsch

Stephan Rabitsch was born on 28 June 1991 in Klagenfurt, Carinthia. He has been active in the cycling sport for about 14 years now. Since 2015, he’s been a member of the Felbermayr Simplon Wels team. When he’s not on the bike, he enjoys his time as a young father with his son Joseph and his girlfriend Christiane.


His biggest successes:

  • 3 times 1st place at the GC Oberösterreich Rundfahrt UCI
  • overall win of the Radbundesliga (national cycling league)
  • 1st place at the GC Paris-Arras UCI
  • 1st place at the GC Rhones Alpes Isere Tour UCI
  • 2nd place at the GC Fleche du Sud UCI
  • 1st place at the Stage Paris-Arras UCI


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