Stefan Vollbach on the current situation at SIMPLON


When will bikes be available to order again, what is the outlook for availability in 2023, and what does the future hold for SIMPLON? Our CEO has the answers!

News update from Stefan Vollbach on the current situation at SIMPLON

Our CEO Stefan Vollbach already told us about the challenges of the bicycle industry and news from SIMPLON in November 2021 and January 2022. A lot has happened since then: SIMPLON Edition Bikes are now available for the first time ever, and visitors can expect even more space to experience the brand at the reopened Experience Center.

Stefan Vollbach also took the time to answer frequently asked questions from social media.

Stefan Vollbach answer frequently asked questions

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Info on the current availability of bikes: Orders are possible!

“When will orders be possible again?” This question is one of those we have been asked very frequently in recent months. Despite the challenging order situation and the lack of information about the availability of components, it has been possible to place orders on an ongoing basis, albeit on a small scale.

During this time, two things have happened:

  1. Pre-configured, immediately obtainable models have recently become available in the form of SIMPLON Edition Bikes. The components on-hand have been perfectly used to produce models and thus finally be able to offer SIMPLON fans the possibility to order bikes again.

    Interesting: Perhaps you have asked yourself how it’s possible that you have been waiting for your dream bike for a long time, but suddenly some parts of it are available for SIMPLON Edition Bikes? The reason for this is that some orders are only missing a few components. The versions available are configurations for which all parts were available.
  2. Our dealers  now receive a week-by-week overview of all available bikes. SIMPLON’s tip: We recommend you ask the SIMPLON dealer of your choice directly whether the configuration you want is available to order.

To be continued: bike availability in 2023

Stefan Vollbach is confident and believes that availability will improve in 2023 despite ongoing shortages. At the same time, he wants to point out that the effects of the challenges of the past years will not vanish into thin air overnight. 

In general, forecasts – concerning the weather or the state of the bicycle industry – are a delicate matter. After all, in most areas of life, no one knows what the future holds.

A look behind the scenes: Stefan Vollbach’s daily work at SIMPLON

When it comes to the difficult-to-assess future, a certain degree of flexibility is required. Our CEO’s working days are also spent being flexible and spontaneous.
Every day at SIMPLON is different and exciting at the same time. Nevertheless, Stefan Vollbach tries to stick to a somewhat predictable routine. He can be found at his desk by 08:00 am. After that, a varied mix of the following tasks awaits him:

  • regular meetings such as team meetings and jour-fixes with management-level staff
  • appointments to discuss strategic matters
  • visits to the production department
  • dealer and supplier visits (pandemic regulations permitting)
  • matters and tasks that arise spontaneously

Whenever his tight schedule allows, Stefan Vollbach spends time at the Experience Center. He loves to stay incognito and observe how SIMPLON fans immerse themselves in the world of the brand.
After work, he likes to spend his free time biking or doing other sports that can be practised in the evening.

Feel the SIMPLON spirit! Would you like to receive comprehensive advice and detailed measurements, and then take your dream bike on a test ride? Book an appointment  at the reopened Experience Center! And who knows? Maybe you’ll run into our CEO there.

Custom-made or ready-to-ride: What’s the direction SIMPLON wants to go in?

The production of bicycles individually tailored to the needs of their riders constitutes the DNA of SIMPLON. Stefan Vollbach is certain that this will remain the case in the future. At SIMPLON, everyone agrees that the concept of individual configuration is a sustainable business strategy .

At the same time, dealers want more security in the availability of bikes. In other words, they want to order the bikes that will be sold next year as early as possible.

An excellent choice: SIMPLON Edition Bikes

If you want to enjoy the feeling of riding a SIMPLON bike right away, we recommend getting one of our Edition Bikes. Simply book an appointment for a visit at the Experience Center or an Experience Digital chat session to find out more.

Of course, you can also drop by the SIMPLON dealer of your choice. 


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