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The Kiaro Disc road bike by Simplon impresses with its comfort, geometry as well as its handling and riding characteristics. Read more about the test by RCDE! 

The RCDE test: Kiaro Disc

An uncompromising comfort bike 

Roadcycling.de has taken a closer look at the Kiaro Disc comfort road bike by Simplon. The key facts about the test bike: It weighs about 8 kilogrammes, Shimano-Ultergra-Sic-Di2 groupset, ER 1600 Spline wheelset by DT Swiss, Schwalbe Pro One Pneus and ARC1 handlebar-stem-combination. Too many technical details? How about letting the facts regarding the speed miracle speak for themselves? 

Uncompromisingly comfortable

The Kiaro Disc impressed the expert jury with its exceptional comfort features. Several details contribute to that: for instance, the wide and tapered top tube and specially flattened tube cross-sections at the seat stays and chain stays. They ensure exceptional suspension comfort and riding comfort. Additionally, the Raptor Dropout – a rear-facing dropout – gives the bike increased vertical flex. 

Traction par excellence 

RCDE rode the Kiaro Disc over cobblestones and through potholes during their test. The result: The adjusting screws that Simplon has twisted for the road bike have had an effect. The frame – in synergy with the Schwalbe Pro One tyres in 28-inch width – skilfully absorbs all impacts. “A feeling as if an additional damper had been installed”, said the jury. 

Alongside top-notch tyre traction, the high stiffness of the bike stands out. When accelerating, the Kiaro Disc reacts immediately, and the power goes directly into propulsion. The overall high level of frame stiffness leads to unbeatable steering precision, so the bike can hardly be ruffled. 

Designed for aerodynamics: the ACR1 handlebar-stem-combination 

The Kiaro Disc with its ARC1 handlebar-stem-combination  is designed for aerodynamics. Because of the width of the top bar, riders can comfortably rest their forearms on it to get into the standard aerodynamic riding position. 

The bike also stands out in terms of its clean look. The Smart Headset  on the comfort road bike adds to that. Brake cables and shift cables are routed through the headset into the frame – a type of neat cable routing that protects the cables as well. 

Easy handling of the Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset 

“Qualitatively, the groupset is beyond all doubt.” That’s the interim conclusion about the Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset  on the Kiaro Disc. The electronic shift system is incredibly easy to handle once you’ve gotten used to it. Shifting down while braking at the same time is possible without any problems at all according to the test riders of Roadcycling.de. 

The brakes – true gems 

160 millimetres in the front, 140 millimetres in the rear – those are the diameters of the disc brakes on the Kiaro Disc. If necessary, they allow for aggressive braking behaviour but can also be precisely controlled. Usually, two fingers are sufficient for the entire spectrum of deceleration. 

You’d like to read the in-depth test report and RCDE’s conclusions about the Kiaro Disc? Here are the details …  


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