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Cirex, Kagu or Chenoa: For the coming season, Simplon builds on the tried and tested for its latest edition of bikes. Discover the new 2021 models!

The new Simplon models 2020/21 are here!

Simplon's motto for the coming bike season: Build on the tried and tested and make the good even better! As a result, the Kagu Bosch family has gained in comfort – with larger 27.5" balloon tyres that up the bikes’ rolling resistance and traction by yet another notch. The versatile aluminium e-bikes are available as step-through models, both in a women’s and a men's version. And with the new generation of the Cirex, Simplon has succeeded in creating a race fully that meets the highest demands of the racing world. Faster, lighter, more innovative! 

Good to know: From now on, you can configurate the new models on the website.

Here we go – on to the details!

Fast, faster, Cirex!

A race-fully with an affinity for propulsion

Light weight, efficient propulsion, and speed both uphill and downhill – that’s what matters to you in an MTB? Then you should take a closer look at the new Cirex by Simplon. Lightweight, fast and robust – these are the predominant characteristics of the race fully. The 100-mm suspension smoothes out any uneven terrain without having you waste energy on pedalling. You can also opt for the "downcountry" version with 120 mm of travel. More propulsion and stiffness? Hardly possible! Discover the new race fully by Simplon …

Check out the Cirex!

Kagu Bosch CX 275

A ballon-tyre e-bike for pure riding fun 

For longer trips into the mountains, for your daily commute to work or for a shopping trip to the supermarket: The Kagu Bosch CX 275 aluminium e-bike is an absolute allrounder that promises lots of fun, style and comfort. New feature: balloon tyres with a diameter of 27.5" – for smooth riding on any kind of terrain. This also means: even more tyre traction and less rolling resistance. 

By the way: A tour can never be long enough for you? You can add a second external battery with 500 Wh to the existing 625-Wh battery. This dual-battery option provides you with additional tailwind for extended rides.  

Check out the Kagu Bosch CX 275! 

Kagu Bosch Uni 275

A step-through trekking e-bike

A trekking e-bike that’s both stylish and comfortable: The Kagu Bosch Uni 275 by Simplon is not only an absolute eyecatcher. It also comes with plenty of riding comfort. A step-through frame, a well-integrated battery (key word: legroom) and a Vario seatpost, which lets you get on and off the bike a lot easier ... That’s just to name few of the bike’s perks! It also has 27.5" balloon tyres, which act as a natural suspension on uneven terrain. 

What else? The e-bike is also a true high-load miracle. With a permissible total weight of 160 kg (including bike, rider, and luggage), you won’t have to make do without luggage on longer bike trips.

Check out the Kagu Bosch Uni 275! 

Chenoa Bosch CX for women

A lightweight e-bike 

Finally, the time has come: A women’s version of the Chenoa is now available, and it’s a great choice for all those who appreciate having a very lightweight e-bike. Its carbon frame in the shape of a trapeze not only boasts a very low weight—it’s also unparalleled in terms of riding comfort (key word: easy mounting and dismounting) and design. In addition, it features Bosch’s most powerful drive unit and a 625-Wh battery, which is elegantly integrated into the frame.

Good to know: An opening on the right carbon seatstay allows you to install a belt drive on the Chenoa Bosch CX. The advantage: significantly less maintenance and increased durability.

Check out the Chenoa Bosch CX for women!


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