Kagu Bosch CX 275

Kagu Bosch CX 275

The KAGU BOSCH CX 275 features a powerful Bosch drive and a high load capacity. The high-volume 27.5" balloon tyres generate even better rolling characteristics, increase seating comfort and riding safety. Whether travelling, touring or transporting, KAGU is the perfect choice.

€ 4,999.00
CHF 4,999.00
5 from 6
4 from 6
4 from 6
6 from 6
Balloon tyres with 27.5'' - unbeatable in terms of comfort, rolling resistance and traction
Weight assembled bike
From 25,6 kg
System weight (bike + load)
up to 160 kg
Suspension fork
Optional: 80 mm
Frame material
Bosch Performance Line CX (85 Nm)
625 Wh
    Kagu Bosch CX 275
    Goodbye chain, hello comfort

    Time intensive chain maintenance and gearshift adjustments are a thing of the past: Neither dirt nor water bothers the maintenance-free belt drive.

    A true high-load miracle

    The touring bike can carry an incredible 160 kg (including wheel weight, rider, and luggage). Add-on parts such as the luggage rack and mudguards blend in perfectly with the frame’s design.

    Why make it difficult when it can be easy

    The KAGU BOSCH CX 275 also features a Vario seatpost, which makes getting on and off the bike a lot easier. When you stop at a red light, for instance, you can lower the saddle and stand on the ground safely and comfortably with both legs. When the light turns green, the push of a button is enough to raise the saddle again.

    Well-conceived components

    The Balloon Tyre Concepton provides several advantages: The extra-wide 27.5" tyres absorb all bumps in the road and make a heavy suspension fork unnecessary. Improved tyre traction and high puncture protection add safety and more riding comfort.

    Strong and comfortable

    Mountain stages, lake rides or city trips: On tours of exploration with your KAGU BOSCH CX 275, you’ll discover the most beautiful places in the world. And wherever your journey may take you, the trekking e-bike is the perfect travel companion. Plenty of comfort, stability and a high load capacity make every route an enjoyable experience.

    Of course, even the youngest family members want to come along on your tours of exploration. The SIMPLON trailer adapter helps you securely connect a trailer to your bike. It ensures a sturdy and stable connection via the frame's stand mount.


    Balloon concept

    The extra-wide Balloon tyres combine several advantages. They absorb all road unevenness and eliminate the need for a heavier suspension fork. In addition, tyre traction and puncture protection increase. The rolling resistance, on the other hand, is lower compared to narrower tyres.


    The geometry table will help you find the perfect frame size. If you are unsure, our experts will be happy to help you with a free online consultation.

    sr.Table Scrollable
    Kagu Bosch CX 275 40/XS 46/S 51/M 56/L
    A Seat tube length 400 460 510 560
    B Top tube length 575 585 595 605
    C Head tube angle 69° 69° 69° 69°
    D Seat tube angle 73° 73° 73° 73°
    E Head tube length 180 190 200 210
    F Chainstay length 485 485 485 485
    G Wheelbase 1132 1142 1153 1164
    H Bottom bracket drop 72,5° 72,5° 72,5° 72,5°
    I Fork length 465 465 465 465
    K Fork offset (rake) 50 50 50 50
    M Stand over height 587 558 560 569
    S Stack 657 666 675 685
    R Reach 374 381 389 396
    STR* Stack to Reach 1,75 1,75 1,74 1,73

    All lengths in mm
    *STR: The higher the number, the more upright is the seating position.
    Trailer which are mounted on the rear wheel are allowed for this model.