Trekking bikes by simplon

You love whizzing through the city. Getting from point A to point B quickly and safely. You enjoy going on little trips to the countryside. You ride over gravel and along forest trails. Then a trekking bike is exactly the right kind of bike for you. Decide for the generalist amongst bikes!


All-rounder trekking bikes by Simplon

Finding a bike that meets all your needs seems to be a challenge for you? Your dream bike should be stylish, sporty and fit for everyday use? Then find out which of the Simplon bikes fulfills all your wishes!

Not all trekking bikes are created equal

Trekking bikes shouldn’t all be lumped together – that’s like comparing apples and pears. Impossible. Trekking bikes can be incredibly diverse – depending on the kinds of demands placed on them. Simplon helps you find the perfect trekking bike for you!

Which terrain do you want to explore with your bike?

At Simplon, we distinguish between the sporty one, the all-rounder and the city runabout amongst the trekking bikes:

  • the sporty one: forest trails, longer tours and cobblestone pavement pose no challenge for this sporty trekking bike by Simplon. Quite the opposite: That’s what makes the ride exciting! Thanks to their robust and sturdy nature, these sporty bikes are the perfect companion on all kinds of adventures!
  • the all-rounder: one thing is a particular perk of the Simplon all-rounder: its incredible riding comfort. You’ll appreciate this not only while riding on asphalt but also on uneven roads. Whether as a balloon bike with extra voluminous tyres or sporty and fashionable one with a suspension fork: whatever you prefer. You should start configurating your own personalized, one-of-a-kind dream bike right away!
  • the city runabout: If you want to cycle through the city in style, Simplon has the right bike for you. The city runabouts are equipped with everything you could possibly need on urban streets. Imagine how you transport your groceries on your pannier rack while you casually pedal through the city.

The frame

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Size does matter, after all! Because the frame size of your bike should be perfectly suited to your body. Only then, you’ll be able to find the right sitting position – which ensures that you’re riding comfortably and safely on your Simplon trekking bike. You aren’t sure which frame size is the right one for you? Contact our experts at Simplon and let them help you with choosing the right trekking companion for you!

The gears – and all there is to know

How many gears are too many? 8, 11 or 30? You don’t know which type of gear change is the right one for you? Simplon gladly helps you out here! The general rule is: the number of gears depends on the kinds of adventures you’d like to go on with your bike. If you primarily ride in the city or on flat terrain, then you probably won’t need as many gears. If you plan on riding on steeper trails, you should invest in more gears. The reasons for that are simple:

  • On flat terrain without a gradient, your bike needs a higher transmission ratio, so you can reach a higher speed with fewer – but firmer – pedal strokes.
  • On uneven terrain with steeper sections, a lower transmission ratio helps to reduce the exertion of force while ensuring that the rider still makes good headway.

In short: Depending on which kinds of tours with your Simplon trekking bike you are planning, you should decide on one with more – or on flatter terrain – with less gears.


Simplon’s brake system

Even in hairy situations, you can rely on the high-quality breaks by Simplon 100 per cent! These disc brakes are put through continuous quality controls and can withstand both heavy loads and all kinds of weather conditions! By the way, the same holds true for all Simplon bikes: you decide how you want to configurate your trekking bike!



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