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Road bikes by Simplon

Do you love smooth asphalt as much as others love gravel? Or do you prefer to hit the trails on a cyclocross bike? Perhaps it's time trial bikes that fascinate you with their exceptional aerodynamics ... Whichever it may be, road bikes made by SIMPLON all boast high-end technology for maximum riding comfort. Aero bike, classic racing bike, or gravel bike: Discover SIMPLON’s range of road bikes!

Customised road bikes made by Simplon

Geared to your needs, SIMPLON’s road bikes will impress you both from the inside and the outside. They feature clean-cut shapes and high-end technology – from the frame and brakes to every single component. Thanks to a myriad of customisation options, every bike that leaves the SIMPLON workshop in Hard is a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The brakes, the frame size, the wheels, the aerodynamics: Depending on which type of speedy adventures you want to go on, there are a few things to consider before purchasing a road bike. But at the end of the day, you can always be sure of one thing: Your new SIMPLON bike will be just as unique as you are. Sounds tempting? Find out more about SIMPLON’s custom bike system! 

Which road bike is the right one for you?

No matter if you’re an old hand at road cycling or a total newbie, a competitive rider or a recreational cyclist, an asphalt aficionado or a cross-country enthusiast: We want you to find the bike that suits you best – so you can experience superior riding fun from the very first minute. 

Choose your own adventure – with a gravel bike!

Ever thought about a "road bike for rough terrain"? If you love exploring new routes and venturing off-road, then you should consider getting a gravel bike. Paved, gravel or dirt road: Gravel bikes can handle any kind of terrain. 

Experience-CenterBy the way: SIMPLON also offers road bikes and gravel bikes with an added boost – for sporty tours in the mountains or fun rides off the beaten path. SIMPLON’s e-road bikes have you perfectly equipped for every situation. Discover SIMPLON’s carbon racers!

Wait, there’s more: At the Experience Center, you can learn about road bike technology and take the latest road bikes and e-road bikes for a test ride! 


Simplon and the path of least resistance

The basic requirements for road bikes are usually always the same: They should be aerodynamic, lightweight, and provide a high level of stiffness. The magic word for all three of these qualities? Carbon. SIMPLON’s lightest road bike models only consist of two carbon parts. Fewer joints, a noticeable reduction in weight and optimal directional stability are the result. Road cyclists with a need for speed – whether they’re competitive athletes or long-distance riders – should aim for the gold standard. 

Add to that another 40 frame technologies ensuring that the bike fits the rider and his needs like a glove. Among them, VIBREX®: a system that improves shock absorption without affecting power transfer, thus reducing muscle fatigue. The tube cross-sections of the chainstays and the carbon structure are designed to provide maximum stiffness in the bottom bracket area – that means you benefit from Maximum Power Transfer

No matter your expectations of the bike: Every single road bike made by SIMPLON is a powerhouse of advanced technologies designed to meet your requirements. Tip: Have our experts at the Experience Center advise you and find out more about SIMPLON’s custom bike system


Questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a road bike:

  • What are your requirements? Triathlon, race, marathon, all-road or cyclocross? The intended use determines the bike’s geometry: comfortable or sporty? 
  • Which frame size is the right one for you? When it comes to road bikes, the frame size is incredibly important – much more so than for any other kind of bike! 
  • Add-ons in the front: improve comfort and the rider’s sitting position. Find out more about the myriad of options available by visiting the Experience Center. 
  • Which wheels are the right ones? Wheels with flat rims – that are not susceptible to side winds and very stable – or higher rims with better rolling properties and a little more weight? Find the wheelset that suits you best!
  • Disc brakes or rim brakes? When they were initially used on road bikes, disc brakes were a hotly debated topic in the road bike scene. The fact of the matter is: Disc brakes provide maximum control during brake applications without requiring a lot of effort. 
  • The components: different saddle shapes, seat posts, integrated hydration systems, handlebar cockpits, ... The choice is yours and consists of every imaginable gadget that a road bike enthusiast could wish for.
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