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Road bikes by Simplon

Smooth asphalt is to you what gravel and off-road trails are to others – the ultimate feeling? Every road bike promises maximum riding comfort. Geared to your needs, these road bikes impress both from the outside as well as the inside. Clear shapes, high-end technology – from the frame to the brakes to all the individual components. Every Simplon bike is – thanks to the myriad of ways to customise them – a true one-of-a-kind bike and provides superior comfort.

Personalized road bikes by Simplon

Brake system, frame size, optimal aerodynamics – depending on which speed adventure you want to go on with your road bike, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your new Simplon bike. But at the end of the day, you can always be certain of one thing: every Simplon bike is as unique as you are. Want to find out more? Then read everything you need to know about the customisable bike system by Simplon!

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Which road bike is the right one for you?

No matter if you’re an old hand at racing, a total beginner, a competitive racer or a recreational pedaler: We want the bike and you to go together like the proverbial Jack and Jill. Find out more about racing bikes by Simplon and get excited about superior riding fun from the first minute onwards.

And there’s more: Did you know that you can test Simplon road bikes? Read more about our Experience Center!

Simplon and the path of least resistance

The demands placed on a racing bike are usually the same: it should be an aerodynamic bike, lightweight and with a high level of stiffness. The magic word: carbon. The lightest racing bike models by Simplon are made with only two carbon parts. Reduced joints, noticeable reduction in weight and much better tracking are the result. Racers with speed ambitions – whether they’re competitive or long-distance riders – aim for the gold standard.

Add to that another 40 frame technologies that ensure that the bike fits the rider and his needs like a glove.

Amongst them, the VIBREX®: a system that improves shock absorption properties which reduce muscle fatigue without hampering power transfer. Or Raptor dropout which provides a noticeable gain in comfort.

No matter what your expectations of your bike are: every single road bike by Simplon is a power package of advanced technologies which perfectly fits your needs and wishes. Tip: Have our experts at the Experience Center advise you and find out more about the customisable bike system by Simplon!

These are the questions you should pose yourself before making a purchase:

  • What are your requirements when it comes to a racing bike? Triathlon, race, marathon or allroad? Hence the question about the geometry of the bike: comfortable or sporty?
  • Which frame size is the right one for you? When it comes to a racing bike the frame size is of utmost importance – more so than with any other kind of bike!
  • Addon parts in the front: improve comfort and sitting position. Find out more about the myriad of possibilities at the Experience Center.
  • Which wheels are the right ones? Wheels with flat rims – not sensitive to cross winds and very sturdy – or higher rims with better rolling properties and a slightly higher weight? Let our experts advise you and find the kind of wheel that suits you!
  • The components: saddle shape, seat post, integrated drinking system, handlebar cockpit, … the selection is huge and offers any kind of gadget that a race rider might want. You’ve got some questions and would like some assistance with configurating your bike? The Simplon experts are happy to help you.
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