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E-Mountain Bike by Simplon

They’re everybody’s darling: e-bikes. And if you want to follow the “call of the wild” and ride on rough terrain, an e-mountain bike is just the right bike for you. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to pedal anymore, though – the E-MTB just serves as a support and gives you that extra boost. Gone are the days when e-mountain bikes were only something for boring people. Quite the opposite: they’re perfect for challenging trails and longer tours.

Which e-mountain bike is the right one for you?

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When buying an e-mountain bike, there are a few things to keep in mind – just like when buying a traditional mountain bike. After all, the bike should suit you perfectly and fulfill all your needs and wishes. That’s why you should ask yourself a few questions ahead of the purchase.

Hardtail or Fully?

Just like with a traditional mountain bike, its electro brother gives you the choice between a hardtail or Fully version. Find out what the differences are between a hardtail or Fully MTB!

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E-MTB Fully

If you buy a personalized Fully, you’ll get a sort of all-around carefree-package. Especially on rough terrain, Fullys are safer than hardtails and absorb the blows a little better. With a hardtail, you’ll feel roots, stones and uneven ground a lot more intensely.

E-MTB hardtail

Compared to a Fully, a hardtail is usually less expensive. It has a lighter weight and is not as high-maintenance in the long run. But you have to be a little tougher and forbearing: the hardtail doesn’t absorb blows quite as well as a Fully.

Now the choice is yours:

Now the choice is yours: Fully or hardtail? One thing’s for certain: this question is a question of faith and a matter of taste. You should think about which kind of terrain you would like to explore with your new E-MTB. If you primarily ride on bike trails and forest roads, a hardtail is going be the right bike for you. If you feel right at home on challenging rough terrain, you should probably pick a Fully.

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The range of spring: comfortably and safely through rough terrain

Especially during mountain descents, a greater range of spring stands for more safety and more comfort. A range of spring from 140 millimetres to 160 millimetres is perfect for riding on rough terrain. Ideally the suspension elements are perfectly adjusted to the rider. This ensures pure riding pleasure and that you can enjoy the capabilities of your new E-MTB to the fullest! Got some questions? Then contact the Simplon team right away!

The tyres – how many inches are needed?

First things first: the demands placed on high-quality tyres increase with the purchase of an e-bike because the wear is greater with increased traction. The best remedy: thick, strong-profiled 27,5-inch or even 29-inch tyres.

Tip: Even though 29-inchers show slightly better rolling properties, they are not that well-suited for shorter people. But let our experts at Simplon tell you more about that!



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