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The road ends. The adrenaline rises. The fun begins! To get that extra kick – mountain bikers look for their own personal El Dorado off-road. The hot-blooded bikes by SIMPLON aren’t only suited for riding in rough terrain, though. These high-tech mountain bikes are the perfect companion for both the city and the countryside alike. Find out more about the hardtail and full suspension MTBs by SIMPLON.  

Not all mountain bikes are created equal

Don’t just buy any mountain bike. Buy one that is optimally suited to your measurements and your predicted use in the open terrain! Define the exact model, style and sitting position.

At SIMPLON, you can get a one-of-a-kind bike – as individual as you! Find out more about the customisable bike system by SIMPLON!




To the customized bike system

are you ready?

Now all that’s left to do is: finding YOUR mountain bike!

Which MTB suits you best?

If you have a huge selection to choose from, the most important facts can easily get overlooked. SIMPLON sheds light on them and support you in your quest for the best mountain bike for every one of your needs and wishes.

At the Experience Center, you can test the SIMPLON mountain bikes on the most beautiful trails of the region. Highly qualified staff on site are happy to assist and advise you. Experience the fascination for SIMPLON first hand!

Hardtail or full suspension MTB?

A hardtail bike for long uphill rides, speedy sessions and the simple kinds of trails? Or the fine-tuned full suspension mountain bike as a companion on flow-trails? That’s a highly controversial topic in the MTB scene. If you’d like to get a new off-road bike, you should definitely reflect on this choice. But what are the differences?

A Hardtail for every kind of situation

Tours on nicely paved roads and forest trails are your “daily business”? Once in a while, you venture out onto a moderately steep downhill trail? And your need for speed makes you watch out for every extra gram on your bike?

Then the lightweight hardtail model RAZORBLADE 29 IV SL by SIMPLON is perfect for you! With a suspension fork on the front wheel and a stiff frame, you also get the necessary stability and traction. By the way, a hardtail can be used for long day tours as well!

The advantages of a hardtail at a glance:

  • less weight
  • lower starting price
  • not as high-maintenance

Full suspension for maximum agility

Want a little more? Maybe a second suspension fork? The full-suspension bike – also called Fully – is fully suspended and doesn’t have just one suspension fork in the front but another one at the rear wheel as well. The advantages of a Fully mountain bike become especially apparent on single trails, unsecured roads and on gravel: the bike practically sticks to the ground and generates a lot more traction. That means: you’re faster, safer and more comfortable! You ideal fully: the CIREXor CIREX SL!

The advantages of a Fully at a glance:

  • more control and stability when riding over obstacles
  • uneven ground is compensated for by the suspension
  • it’s safer and easier to control
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While the original mountain bikes with a 26-inch tyre diameter are on the scrap heap by now, the big twentyniners (with 29-inch tyres) are all the rage these days. The reason for that: thanks to the larger tyre diameter, obstacles are overcome much more easily. Better traction on rocky passages and during steep ascents is another advantage. If you would like to experience some action at the bike park or to ride technically challenging trails, then a smaller diameter of 27,5 inches increases agility.

Which frame size is right for you?

XS, S, M, L or XL? Find the right frame for your mountain bike! Because one thing is for certain:

Only if the bike is 100 per cent suited to your measurements, the sitting position can be optimally adjusted. Only then, maximum riding comfort can be guaranteed. If the bike is too big or too small, both handling and safety are going to suffer.

Brakes – what should you look out for?

One hundred per cent control during a brake application – ahead of every curve and on every kind of terrain – is essential. Especially during tours on rough and rocky ground, reliability is indispensable.

That’s why SIMPLON only uses highest quality disc brakes with consistent brake performance. Since they can be perfectly modulated, they provide maximum control on challenging trails and in any kind of weather.

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