Kagu Pinion

Kagu Pinion

State-of-the-art technology and maximum functionality go hand in hand with the Kagu Pinion. The innovative Pinion drive combines enormous motor power with an integrated, highly efficient 12-speed gearbox. This means less maintenance, more riding, and automatic shifting if required. The high-quality carbon frame, the high payload and the proven balloon tyres round off the well-designed overall package and makes the Kagu Pinion unique. It is the first choice for commuting as well as for touring, travelling and transport.

€ 7,999.00
CHF 7,999.00
4 from 6
5 from 6
6 from 6
6 from 6
Low maintenance, comfortable, efficient.
Weight assembled bike
from 22,3 kg
System weight (bike + load)
up to 160 kg
Suspension fork
Optional: 80 mm
Frame material
Pinion E1.12 (85 Nm)
720 Wh | 960 Wh Optional: +535 Wh
    Kagu Pinion
    Goodbye chain, hello comfort

    Time intensive chain maintenance and gearshift adjustments are a thing of the past: Neither dirt nor water bothers the maintenance-free belt drive.

    Reliable stone chip protection

    The impact-resistant Rock Guard is made from a carefully considered combination of materials which protect the high-quality carbon frame and the motor unit from stone impacts.

    Internally routed cables

    The cables are routed through the headset into the frame interior. This not only looks sleek, but also protects the inner and outer cables and reduces the necessary operating forces.

    Flexible and resilient

    Thanks to attachment options for additional luggage or heavy-duty luggage racks in the seat stays, the KAGU PINION is ready for your next trip around the world (up to a maximum total weight of 160 kg).

    Perfect Integration

    The frame opening for potential belt changes is not only carefully integrated - it also offers maximum rigidity thanks to its positioning in the seat stay.

    Style to the smallest detail

    An example of our designers' perfectionism: The thru-axle does not protrude from the frame on the right side, which means the dropout appears closed.

    Anti-theft protection

    The lockable battery in the frame prevents unpleasant surprises. Additional mounting points allow the addition of additional extras (including bottle holders, frame-locks, etc.)

    Weatherproof charging socket

    The battery charging socket is well protected from the wet thanks to the waterproof spring flap and yet still comfortable to operate.

    Modern e-bike with an innovative drive system

    The Kagu Pinion with its brand-new Pinion E-Drive System sets new standards in performance, range and low maintenance. The drive system combines an electronic gear shifting with 12 gears and a strong motor with 85 Nm of power in one unit. To match the revolutionary drive system, we have developed a carbon frame for the Kagu Pinion that provides the optimum balance of light weight, stiffness and fatigue strength. With its extremely high system weight of a maximum of 160 kg, the Kagu is an absolute workhorse for trekking, travelling and transporting heavy loads and luggage.

    Range? More than enough! The flexible battery system of the Kagu Pinion delivers battery power up to 1,495 Wh (men's model) resp. 960 Wh (women's model) for limitless riding pleasure. Welcome to the future of e-trekking!


    Belt Drive

    To install a belt, the frame can be opened at the right seat stay. The closing kit is designed in such a way that the frame does not lose any of its stiffness.


    The geometry table will help you find the perfect frame size. If you are unsure, our experts will be happy to help you with a free online consultation.

    sr.Table Scrollable
    41/XS 46/S 51/M 56/L
    A Seat tube length 410 460 510 560
    B Top tube length 575 585 595 605
    C Head tube angle 69° 69° 69° 69°
    D Seat tube angle 73° 73° 73° 73°
    E Head tube length 180 190 200 210
    F Chainstay length 485 485 485 485
    G Wheelbase 1132 1142 1153 1164
    H Bottom bracket drop 72,5 72,5 72,5 72,5
    I Fork length 465 465 465 465
    K Fork offset (rake) 50 50 50 50
    M Stand over height 587 558 560 569
    R Reach 374 381 389 396
    S Stack 657 666 675 685
    STR * 1,75 1,75 1,74 1,73

    All lengths in mm
    * STR: Higher number indicates more upright sitting posture
    Trailer which are mounted on the rear wheel are allowed for this model.

    sr.Table Scrollable
    46/S 51/M 56/L 61/XL
    A Seat tube length 460 510 560 610
    B Top tube length