Silkcarbon TQ

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The SILKCARBON TQ is a real standout with fine details, that make a noticeable difference. The design stands out holistically with its pleasant, urban, elegant appearance. Thanks to TQ’s mid-engine, you explore new paths and exciting places with ease and curiosity. The frame is made of high-quality carbon, optionally with a vario seat post for getting on and off the bike more comfortably.


The Silkcarbon TQ has been designed to save a lot of weight. The carbon frame ensures efficient power transfer and also high sitting comfort. The fork is made of carbon as well and ensures low overall weight and optimum stiffness. An insider tip in terms of comfort is the optional adjustable seat post. It allows riders to get on and off the bike easily, for instance, at traffic lights.

In addition, the flyweight can be carried effortlessly over obstacles – which is particularly advantageous for stairs or pasture fences. And thanks to optional studded tyres, the trekking bike also cuts a fine figure in off-road terrain. 


The weight savings result from the use of the carbon frame and fork, as well as the extremely lightweight motor, which weighs in at only 1,850 g.

The TQ-HPR50 drive unit offers natural assistance with 50 Nm and currently the highest torque density on the market: 82 Nm/dm³.

Optionally, the chain drive can be replaced by a durable belt drive.

The beautifully integrated display shows important data such as battery status, riding mode or available range at all times and directly in the field of vision.

The standard 360-Wh battery can be extended by 160 Wh via the dual battery option.


Those who want to go on long tours appreciate maximum riding comfort. And this comes, among other things, from the slim, curved VIBREX® seat stays. Special carbon fibres and their layup ensure optimum damping and make the frame extremely comfortable.


Mudguards, luggage rack or trailer adapter: Thanks to the many configuration options, you can optimally adapt the Silkcarbon TQ to your riding needs.

  • Fork models
  • Additional battery
  • Seat post
  • Crank box
  • Braking systems
  • Wheels
  • Mudguards
  • Frame lock
  • Baggage handlers

Geometry table

Does the Silkcarbon TQ fit my proportions and riding style? With SIMPLON’s geometry table, you can find the right bike for your individual needs. Because one thing’s for sure: The geometry is a deciding factor in how your bike feels when you ride it!

The perfect frame size is just as important. During an Experience Digital , our experts will help you choose the right size.

SILKCARBON TQ Herren S (46) M (51) L (56) XL (61)
A 460 510 560 610
B 580 600 620 640
C 69,5° 70° 70,5° 71°
D 73° 72,5° 72,5° 72,5°
E 130 150 170 190
F 465 465 465 465
G 1107 1117 1132 1147
H 72,5 72,5 72,5 72,5
I 460 460 460 460
K 51 51 51 51
M 733 781 829 877
S 610 631 652 673
R 394 401 414 428
STR* 1,55 1,57 1,57 1,57
A Seat tube length
B Top tube length
C Head tube angle
D Seat tube angle
E Head tube length
F Chainstay length
G Wheelbase
H Bottom bracket drop
I Fork length
K Fork offset (rake)
M Stand over height
R Reach
S Stack
STR* Stack to Reach

All lengths in mm
* STR: Higher number indicates more upright sitting posture


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