Spotlight Bosch CX

The unisex trekking e-bike by Simplon offers lots of power and comfort. The incredibly stable aluminium frame lets you get on and off the bike easily and impresses bike enthusiasts with its beautiful integration of all components.

The latest and strongest Bosch drive unit with a 625-Wh battery takes care of the support. The Spotlight Bosch CX is incredibly versatile and thus the perfect companion for every occasion.


Especially during everyday use and on longer tours, the Spotlight Bosch CX Uni really plays to its strengths. The daily trip to work doesn’t end with being drenched in sweat, and heavy grocery bags can be transported much more easily. Very convenient: its low entry. It makes getting on and off the bike much easier and faster. Find out more about all special features of the trekking e-bike!


•    The seamless transition from steerer tube to down tube gives the Spotlight an uncanny resemblance to bikes with a carbon frame. All cables are routed through the inside of the frame, which gives the bike a clean look. 
•    The compact interface firmly and safely holds the new Bosch CX drive unit and offers plenty of room for cable storage on the inside. The charging socket is located on the left side, which makes it easy to reach and saves space at the same time. 
•    The movable dropouts in the rear allow for the use of hub gears and a belt
•    With the Drive Unit Performance CX by Bosch, Simplon has equipped the Spotlight with a true powerhouse. Additionally, it has a 625-Wh battery which is harmoniously integrated into the down tube and gives the bike plenty of power. 
•    Alongside a Vario seatpost for easy mounting and dismounting of the bike, the trekking e-bike also comes with a rear rack as well as aluminium mudguards
•    Pearl white glossy, denim blue matt or black glossy: Those are the three colours that turn this e-bike into a real stunner. 


The Spotlight Bosch CX Uni comes equipped with innovative technology from Simplon’s workshop as well: 

All cables run both through the main frame and the rear. Advanced Internal Cable Routing is basically just a fancy term for clean looks and cable protection. 

Airforming: That’s what the process is called by which the tubes are placed in the right position and then formed under extreme air pressure. That’s how the sturdy and optically pleasing aluminium frame of the Spotlight is built. 

Talking about aluminium: Simplon only uses ASC-9 and ULTRA-T6 alloys. They’re significantly more durable than regular 7005 aluminium without any differences in weight. Discover all technology features on the Spotlight Bosch CX Uni: 


Turn the trekking e-bike into your own customised bike – with numerous on-top features! 

Low maintenance and a long service life: The perfectly integrated belt drive offers you both. What’s more, it weighs less than a chain and is very quiet. 

A definite advantage on longer tours: As an addition to the 625-Wh battery, you can install another external 500-Wh battery. The dual-battery option gives you plenty of tailwind even on longer rides. 

From clothes to a picknick blanket or a tent: Bikers usually have lots of things to bring along on tours. Depending on how long your journey will be, you might need different rear racks. The Spotlight Bosch CX Uni gives you the option to mount a heavy-duty rack

  • ergonomic cockpit
  • braking systems
  • lighting system
  • baggage handlers
  • mudguards
  • seat post
  • frame lock
  • tires
  • dual battery
  • belt drive
  • Bordcomputer

Geometry table

Does the trekking e-bike fit your proportions and riding style? Which frame sizes are available? The geometry table by Simplon helps you find the right e-bike for your individual needs. 

Spotlight Bosch CX XS (40) S (45) M (50) L (55)
A 400 450 500 550
B 580 595 610 620
C 69° 69° 69° 69°
D 74° 73° 73° 73°
E 170 170 180 190
F 475 475 475 475
G 1138 1140 1156 1167
H 75 75 75 75
I 460 460 460 460
K 51 51 51 51
M 379 379 379 379
S 645 645 654 654
R 395 398 410 417
STR* 1,63 1,62 1,60 1,59
A Seat tube length mm
B Top tube length
C Head tube angle
D Seat tube angle
E Head tube length
F Chainstay length
G Wheelbase
H Bottom bracket drop
I Fork length
K Fork offset (rake)
M Stand over height
R Reach
S Stack
STR* Stack to Reach

*STR: The higher the number, the more upright is the seating position.

Trailer which is mounted on the rear wheel is allowed for the following models: KAGU BOSCH CX 275, SPOTLIGHT BOSCH CX, KAGU BOSCH UNI 275, KAGU NEODRIVES

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The Spotlight Bosch CX Uni convinces with versatility and class. Whether traveling or on the way to the city - the trekking e-bike is well equipped.

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