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Innovation, future visions and creativity are lived and breathed by our team members on a daily basis. This ensures a final product that can hardly be surpassed in craftsmanship and love. Our custom-made items need no further explanation. We don’t transform the common into something valuable. We create something valuable and nothing’s left to chance.

Simplon's future

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At SIMPLON, bikes are created that make their owners smile – kilometre by kilometre and pedal stroke by pedal stroke. Bikes that turn every exertion into a need. And bikes that you can rely on 100 per cent – for years. You’ll see: every SIMPLON bike – whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike or urban bike – has its own DNA, its own individual imprint that makes every bike unique. Yours, too!

Five good reasons that speak for Simplon

  • High-performance craftsmanship: Machines replacing humans? No way. Our credo is: creativity, skill and manual dexterity. That’s what ensures that all bikes turn out exactly the way that they are supposed to: unique.
  • Versatility: whether you’re a triathlete, racer, summiteer or recreational rider – thanks to the myriad of ways you can configurate your bike, it leaves the factory exactly how you hoped for.
  • Born & raised in Austria: SIMPLON is Austria. In all its diversity. And when it comes to quality standards.
  • Experience Center: the cat’s out of the bag at SIMPLON! Go on a journey through SIMPLON's two-wheel-world and spend a day at the Experience Center.
  • Material love: Every single piece of material – carbon or aluminium – is processed professionally and with the latest technology in mind.

Future visions and past highlights

The future visions – that every team member carries within them – influence SIMPLON just as much as the bike manufacturer’s long history. Based in Vorarlberg, it can look back on a past filled with successes. It was founded in the 1930s and it only took a few decades until this bike specialist store became the premium bike manufacturer it is today.

Its origins lie in Hard at the Bodensee lake in Vorarlberg. And SIMPLON is far from having finished writing its incredible success story. New successes are added on a daily basis.



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