Rapcon Pmax

Watch out for this powerhouse! The Rapcon Pmax by Simplon is a lightweight and incredibly versatile trail fully that merits an entirely new definition of the term “E-MTB”. You’re wondering: How so? With up to 1,125 Wh of battery capacity, you’ll be “collecting” summits one after another. What gives you the power for that is the latest Bosch CX drive unit, embedded in the high-quality carbon frame. Downhill, the Rapcon Pmax impresses with strong-grip 29’’ tyres, a well-conceived geometry as well as an exceptionally plush suspension setup. Unlike any other bike, the E-MTB playfully manoeuvres you through even the most challenging of trails.
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Who’s the E-MTB fully perfect for? Which special features does the Rapcon Pmax have? And what sets it apart from the competition? Let’s find out … Risky rock passages, slippery hidden roots and hanging curves are your speciality? Then the mountains are calling – and the Rapcon Pmax is definitely the right way to answer! The trail and all-mountain e-mountain bike plays to its strengths both on challenging downhill passages and on steep uphill climbs. With up to 1,125 Wh under its saddle, climbing multiple summits becomes a piece of cake. If you’re into wild rides on the trails, you’ll hardly get past the Rapcon Pmax. Which other exceptional USPs does the e-fully have to offer? Read more!



Air conditioning via the ventilation slots on the steerer head. Stainless steel protectors – Linkage Shield – that protect the carbon frame from getting scratched. The pivoting cable guide, also called Center Cable Guide in Simplon jargon, not only neatly “cleans up” the look of the bike but also sets new standards in cable routing. These fine-tuned technology features are included in the Rapcon Pmax E-MTB. You want even more? Well, here you go: 


Simplon offers numerous optional features for the Rapcon Pmax – for ultimate riding fun on the trails, uphill as well as downhill. Promise! Have you ever heard of an e-suspension? Not yet? Then it’s about time! With Live Valve for the Performance Line CX drive unit, FOX offers an electronically controllable suspension setup for the first time. Via elaborate sensor technology in the front and in the rear, the particularities of the terrain are detected – 1,000 times per second – and the fork and shocks are adjusted within seconds. Unprecedented riding pleasure guaranteed! With the RockShox steel-spring shocks, the Rapcon Pmax checks all the boxes for the latest downhill-oriented trail bikes. The most important benefits: precisely adjustable pressure levels for all types of terrain and a noticeable suspension platform for maximum pedalling efficiency. And let’s not forget the modern RockShox Super Deluxe Design! 

  • wheels
  • seat post
  • ergonomic cockpit
  • braking systems
  • lighting system
  • fork models
  • Bordcomputer
  • dual battery
  • Damper
  • crank box

Geometry table

Does the E-MTB fit your proportions and riding style? Which frame size do you need? The geometry table by Simplon helps you find the right mountain bike for your individual needs. Because there’s one thing you should know: The geometry is the deciding factor in how your bike acts on the trails. 

Rapcon Pmax 150/150** A B C D E F G H** I K L M N S R STR
S 390 571 66° 76° 90 460 1190 30/20 561 51 150 760 150 604 420 1,44
M 420 592 66° 76° 95 460 1212 30/20 561 51 150 766 150 609 440 1,38
L 450 625 66° 76° 110 460 1249 30/20 561 51 150 766 150 622 470 1,32
XL 480 658 66° 76° 125 460 1285 30/20 561 51 150 766 150 636 500 1,27
Rapcon Pmax 170/160**
S 390 572 65,1° 75,1° 90 458 1198 23/16 581 51 150 768 160 610 411 1,48
M 420 594 65,1° 75,1° 95 458 1220 23/16 581 51 150 774 160 615 431 1,43
L 450 627 65,1° 75,1° 110 458 1257 23/16 581 51 150 774 160 628 461 1,36
XL 480 660 65,1° 75,1° 125 458 1293 23/16 581 51 150 774 160 643 491 1,31
A Seat tube length mm
B Top tube length
C Head tube angle
D Seat tube angle
E Head tube length
F Chainstay length
G Wheelbase
H Bottom bracket drop
I Fork length
K Fork offset (rake)
L Fork travel
M Stand over height
N Travel (Frame)
S Stack
R Reach
STR* Stack to Reach

* The higher the number, the
more upright is the seating


Simplon Experience Center

At Simplon’s Experience Center in Hard, you get to experience the fascination with our bikes first hand

Rapcon Pmax the test

Take a look: the ultimate endurance test for the Rapcon Pmax - the new fully-equipped E-Fully performs so well.
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