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SENGO PMAX is the name of the SUV among SIMPLON’s E-Mountainbikes. The perfectly shaped carbon frame offers the best mix of weight, stability, riding pleasure and design. The battery capacity can be expanded to up to 1125 Wh and thus offers enough energy even for the longest tours. If required, a large number of attachments and options are available, opening up unprecedented versatility.


Who’s the E-MTB hardtail perfect for? And which special features set the Sengo Pmax apart from its competition? Let’s find out! Well secured roads, forest roads or dirt roads are your preferred types of terrain? And moderate downhill trails are sometimes on the menu as well? Then we wholeheartedly recommend the Sengo Pmax. The lightweight for everyday use only weighs in at 19 kg – depending on the add-ons. The e-hardtail is also perfect for extended (multi-)day tours. By the way: It’s available in the fully equipped city package! What else does the e-hardtail have to offer? Read more! 


  • Lightweight, stiff and beautiful: That’s what best describes the carbon frame on the Sengo Pmax. Alongside its optimum stiffness, it also boasts great looks in radiant red or matt black. 
  • Thanks to the dual-battery option with external 500-Wh battery on the down tube, the battery capacity can be extended to 1,125 Wh. The latest Bosch CX drive unit gives it the necessary super boost. 
  • Another smart feature is the convenient quick-change bottle cage that’s integrated in the dual-battery function. All you need to do is click it into place on the Bosch mount. 
  • Belt instead of chain: That’s the option whereby you can use a belt drive in combination with a Rohloff gear hub – very low-maintenance and long-lived. 
  • Stainless steel protectors on the inside reliably protect the chain stays from damages to the paint. 


Simplon is known for its innovative technology on its high-end bikes. And the team of tinkerers at their workshop didn’t skimp on them when it comes to the Sengo Pmax either. The integrated Smart Headset gives the bike a clean look. Cables for the brakes and gears run through the special headset down into the frame – preventing a mess of tangled cables. But that’s not all: The Advanced Internal Cable Routing also ensures that all cables run both on the inside of the main frame and the rear. That way all cables are protected. 


The numerous optional features make the Sengo Pmax an e-hardtail that’s unique in the bike sector. Forget about greasing the chain: The Sengo has an opening in the right seat stay and thus allows for the use of a belt drive in combination with a Rohloff gear hub. Advantages: less maintenance and greater longevity. The complete equipment is available with the exclusive city package by Simplon. Mudguard, rear rack, light and stand – with these details, your e-bike is perfectly equipped for every area of use. 

  • Seat post
  • Ergonomic cockpit
  • Braking systems
  • Lighting system
  • Bordcomputer
  • Crank box
  • Fork models
  • Baggage handlers
  • Dual battery
  • Belt drive

Geometry table

Does the E-MTB fit your proportions and riding style? Which frame size do you need? The geometry table by Simplon helps you find the right e-hardtail for your individual needs. Because there’s one thing you should know: The geometry is the deciding factor in how your bike acts on rough terrain! 

Sengo Pmax S M L XL
A 380 420 480 530
B 575 590 610 630
C 67,5° 68,5° 68,5° 68,5°
D 74° 74° 74° 74°
E 100 110 125 140
F 465 465 465 465
G 1146 1152 1173 1195
H 53 53 53 53
I 511 511 511 511
K 51 51 51 51
L 100 100 100 100
M 725 743 776 805
N 0 0 0 0
S 598 612 626 640
R 404 414 430 446
STR* 1,48 1,48 1,45 1,43
A Seat tube length mm
B Top tube length
C Head tube angle
D Seat tube angle
E Head tube length
F Chainstay length
G Wheelbase
H** Bottom bracket drop
I Fork length
K Fork offset (rake)
L Fork travel
M Stand over height
N Travel (Frame)
R Reach
S Stack
STR* Stack to Reach

*STR: The higher the number, the more upright is the seating position.

**Left BB Drop with 29“ front and rear with Flipchip low, right BB Drop when 29“ in front and 27,5“ in rear with flip chip high

Test Reports

Sengo Pmax tested by Elektrorad

The magazine Elektrorad ( has tested E-MTB novelties from various suppliers – among them, the Sengo Pmax by Simplon. Their verdict: "very good".

Read more!
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