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E-road bikes by Simplon

Whirring over paved roads with a couple extra watts? Or – if you like it a little more adventurous – conquering meadows, gravel or country roads with the gravel e-bike? For roads or rough terrain: The e-road bikes by SIMPLON are certainly speedy and definitely lots of fun! Discover the latest models and their high-end technology features from the bike workshop in Hard in Austria.

Fast like a road bike and powerful like an e-bike

Support when needed and as inconspicuously as possible. That’s SIMPLON’s motto. The e-road bikes are hardly discernible as such. It takes a closer look to discover the built-in electric boost between sprocket cluster and disc. Compact, barely noticeable and incredibly lightweight. These attributes are ensured by the specially developed 1,4-kg hub drive unit by Mahle. 

Without drive unit support – at 25 km/h and beyond – you barely notice any resistance. Just like a regular road bike, the e-road bike quietly rolls over the roads and lets the rider efficiently make headway on flat terrain. And on the mountain? The drive unit almost gives you wings. The carbon racers by SIMPLON are fast, adventurous and ready for tough assignments. 

For what or for whom is the e-road bike perfect?

Always in the focus when it comes to e-road bikes by SIMPLON: the athletic performance of the rider. The motor is only used when it is really needed, for instance, in case of extreme headwinds or exhausting mountain passages. On flat terrain, the drive unit is barely noticeable. Thanks to several support levels, you can optimally ration out your own strength on longer tours or during challenging training sessions. 

An e-road bike is perfect for cyclists who used to be very active on the road bike but don’t have the necessary level of endurance anymore. Or for training partners and groups whose conditioning isn’t the same. Differences in performance between riders can be easily compensated for by the motorised bike-version, and going on tours together becomes a piece of cake.

The gravel e-road bike by SIMPLON opens up a whole new area of use. With that extra bit of propulsion, an optional light system, mudguards and a rear rack, both the daily trip to work and longer journeys are possible. The all-in-one “utility vehicle” with its wide tyres is perfect for rides on rough terrain, too. It could hardly be any more versatile! 

If you prefer to ride without electric support, you should check out the high-end road bikes by SIMPLON. Find out more!  


With innovative technology to a high-end road bike!

Comfort Concept, Raptor Dropout or Smart Headset  – the e-road bikes by SIMPLON boast state-of-the-art technology. It leads to top performances, gives you exceptional riding comfort and has people in awe of the clean-looking design. And that’s by no means all! The super lightweight carbon e-racers set the bar incredibly high when it comes to lightweight frame construction. They can hardly be surpassed in stiffness! 

Discover and “experience” our latest e-road bike models at the Experience Center in Hard


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