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With the super-light (SL) version of the RAZORBLADE IV SIMPLON redefines the limits of what is technically possible. This is the ultra-light race machine. The entire geometry is perfectly balanced. It offers even more safety uphill, while downhill the RAZORBLADE lasers to top speeds. This is the answer for all speed freaks on the mountain.


The standout features of the Razorblade 29 IV SL are its extremely low weight, the sporty riding position and the high-quality components. Visually, the ultra-lightweight hardtail bike impresses with its clean and uncluttered look thanks to a purist frame and fully integrated cables.


  • Controlled handling and uncompromising power transfer are crucial when going on XC tours. The ultra-lightweight frame of the SL version boasts exactly that! The weight advantage results, among other things, from the hot-melt process and the use of robust carbon fibres, whereby the resin content in the fibre composite is minimised.
  • Flat steering angle, steep seat angle: The balanced and sporty-modern geometry of the Razorblade 29 IV SL makes it easy to climb every summit with it. And even if the descent afterwards is really steep, the rider feels maximally safe on the MTB hardtail.
  • Do you want to keep avoiding muddy terrain and scratches? Or would you rather conquer off-road terrain and have your bike be none the worse for it? The second option is definitely more fun and possible any time thanks to the stainless-steel mudguards of the Razorblade. The mudguards are located on the inside of the chainstays and act as an effective frame cover.


How does SIMPLON achieve weight advantages, controlled handling and many other benefits on the Razorblade 29 IV SL? By using sophisticated SIMPLON technologies:

EPS-moulded technology allows the frame to be made from a single core. The result: low weight and high frame stiffness.

A robust build instead of rattling cables: On the Razorblade 29 IV SL, the cables are integrated into the frame – more specifically, into the Smart Headset. The advantages when biking: a clean look and protected cables.

Sporty or comfortable? The Comfort Concept allows for both: Filigree VIBREX® seat stays, a seat post with VIBREX® technology and a flattened top tube ensure optimal damping. 

The Razorblade IV SL comes with the following technologies:


There’s more: You can equip the fourth generation Razorblade 29 SL with the following options and thus customise the bike to your wishes: 

  • wheels
  • fork models
  • ergonomic cockpit
  • braking systems
  • seat post

Geometry table

Does the Razorblade 29 IV SL fit my proportions and riding style? With SIMPLON’s geometry table, you can find the right bike for your individual needs. Because one thing’s for sure: The geometry is a deciding factor in how your bike feels when you ride it!

Razorblade 29 IV/SL XS S M L XL
A 360 400 430 460 530
B 560 591 603 626 648
C 68,5° 68,5° 68,5° 68,5° 68,5°
D 74,5° 74,5° 74,5° 74,5° 74,5°
E 86 92 97 108 119
F 425 425 425 425 425
G 1074 1106 1118 1142 1166
H 60 60 60 60 60
I 506 506 506 506 506
K 44 44 44 44 44
L 100 100 100 100 100
M 765 792 812 832 882
N 0 0 0 0 0
S 595 600 605 615 625
R 395 425 435 455 475
STR 1,51 1,41 1,39 1,35 1,32
A Seat tube length mm
B Top tube length
C Head tube angle
D Seat tube angle
E Head tube length
F Chainstay length
G Wheelbase
H Bottom bracket drop
I Fork length
K Fork offset (rake)
L Fork travel
M Stand over height
N Travel (Frame)
R Reach
S Stack
STR* Stack to Reach

*STR: The higher the number, the more upright is the seating position.

** The Razorblade IV SL ist not available in frame size XL.

Test Reports

Tested by BIKE: the Razorblade 29 IV SL | SIMPLON

The Razorblade 29 IV SL achieved great results in a test by BIKE magazine: The low frame weight was particularly impressive. Read the report now!

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