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Spotted: The SPOTLIGHT II from the series of the same name is one of SIMPLON’s evergreens. Aesthetically, the trekking bike impresses with its stable, durable aluminium frame. Technical features such as the adjustable seatpost ensure maximum riding comfort. The SIMPLON SPOTLIGHT II is perfect for comfortable commutes or a quick after-work ride. However, the trekking bike doesn’t stop at dirt roads either.

The price reduction shown refers to our RRP in the last regular model year. The prices displayed have already been reduced.


When high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship meet, the result is premium-quality bicycle components like the frame of the SPOTLIGHT II. Purist aesthetics: No weld seams are visible around the head tube and seat tube nodes, and the frame looks like it was cast from one piece. The SPOTLIGHT II is available in subtle colour options to match the aluminium frame. 

From the city to the countryside and back: With the SPOTLIGHT II, you can ride fast and, above all, comfortably in any environment. The optionally available adjustable seatpost makes getting on and off the bike easier. And if you ever need to carry the trekking bike up the stairs or over obstacles, the low weight once again proves to be a nice advantage.

Do you plan on riding longer distances without exerting too much effort? Then we recommend you give the SPOTLIGHT MAHLE a try. The small and quiet difference lies in the powerful support that the Mahle drive unit provides.


The frame, refined to the essentials, ensures high stiffness for efficient power transfer.

The optional studded tyres allow you to continue your journey with the Spotlight II even on dirt roads.

The frame is made of high-quality aluminium and thus extremely durable.


The SCS+ concept means that the main frame tubes are almond-shaped in cross-section. The advantage of this is that the frame remains vertically elastic, which improves sitting comfort. The lateral edge of the tube in turn increases impact resistance.

For the aluminium frame of the Spotlight II, SIMPLON uses the aluminium alloys ASC-9 and ULTRA-T6. This material is much stronger than conventional 7005 aluminium and boasts increased stability and stiffness.

All technologies on the Spotlight II at a glance!


Planning a longer tour? The Spotlight II can be equipped with a light system, luggage rack and other optional features, making it the perfect adventure and trekking bike.

  • Fork models
  • Seat post
  • Braking systems
  • Ergonomic cockpit
  • Wheels
  • Lighting system
  • Chainguard
  • Baggage handlers
  • Side stand

Geometry table

Does the Spotlight II fit my proportions and riding style? With SIMPLON’s geometry table, you can find the right bike for your individual needs. Because one thing’s for sure: The geometry is a deciding factor in how your bike feels when you ride it!

The perfect frame size is just as important. During an Experience Digital, our experts will help you choose the right size.

Spotlight II Herren 46 51 56 61
A 460 510 560 610
B 580 600 620 640
C 69,5° 70,0° 70,5° 71,0°
D 73,0° 72,5° 72,5° 72,5°
E 130 150 170 190
F 460 460 460 460
G 1107 1117 1132 1147
H 75 75 75 75
I 460 460 460 460
K 51 51 51 51
M 750 786 828 869
S 610 631 652 673
R 394 401 414 428
STR* 1,55 1,57 1,57 1,57
A Seat tube length mm
B Top tube length
C Head tube angle
D Seat tube angle
E Head tube length
F Chainstay length
G Wheelbase
H Bottom bracket drop
I Fork length
K Fork offset (rake)
M Stand over height
R Reach
S Stack
STR* Stack to Reach

*STR: The higher the number, the more upright is the seating position.


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