Christin H.

The Simplon Inissio Gravel put to the test | Bikeboard review

23.11.2020 10:45

Bikeboard tested the Inissio Gravel by Simplon. Conclusion: The gravel bike "can do anything it wants to do – and it does so exceptionally well". Read the review!

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A day with Michael Strasser | Simplon Magazine

16.11.2020 16:00

Michael Strasser, trained architect, passionate (road) cyclist and extreme athlete, gives us exclusive insights into his life. Read the interview!

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How to: Training on rollers |

04.11.2020 10:00

What are the benefits of training on rollers? Which rollers are there? We’ve summarised everything you need to know about this piece of indoor equipment. Read more! 

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We proudly present! | The latest Simplon models 2021

09.10.2020 15:30

Cirex, Kagu or Chenoa: For the coming season, Simplon builds on the tried and tested for its latest edition of bikes. Discover the new 2021 models!

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