Emanuel K.

Made in Roth – Mission triathlon in jeopardy?

28.03.2019 12:00

Sebastian Reinwand fell hard during a traffic accident in December – is his challenge “Made in Roth” on the rocks now? Read more in the Simplon magazine! 

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Women and men in triathlon

15.03.2019 08:00

Are women at a disadvantage when it comes to triathlon? If yes, why is that? And what do the pros say? Find out more about the ultimate endurance sport and how men and women fare in it … 

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Springtime bike check – what to keep in mind

01.03.2019 08:00

The first bike ride in spring is right around the corner? Our experts share their best tips on how to get your bike ready to hit the road again! 

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The new Simplon Kiaro Disc

20.02.2019 08:00

The new Kiaro Disc stands out by providing maximum comfort without any losses in speed. More info about the new road bike by Simplon! 

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