Leasing SIMPLON bikes as an employee


More and more companies are offering company bikes as an environmentally friendly alternative to company cars. In this magazine article, we take a look at the topic of company bike leasing and present selected SIMPLON bikes which are perfect for commuting to work.

Commute the environmentally friendly way with job bikes

Company bikes are en vogue! The number of companies which are offering employees an opportunity to lease bikes is constantly rising. Accordingly, there are now numerous providers that specialise in bike leasing arrangements.

In addition to the environmental aspect, bike leasing is becoming increasingly popular due to its cost benefits for employees: if a company offers a job bike option, employees can save 30 to 40 percent compared to buying a new bike in the conventional way.

Reduced tax burden

Cost advantages result from the fact, that your employer pays the leasing instalment for you as an employee. This means that the leasing instalment is deducted from your gross salary, which reduces your income tax base and social security contributions. In other words, your tax burden is reduced. The amount of the tax advantage varies from case to case - depending on the employee's personal tax situation.

Another cost advantage is that you as an employee can usually buy the bike for a very attractive price once the leasing contract expires.

Job bike leasing - how it works

Are you passionate about biking and enthusiastic about the idea of being able to use your bike both professionally and privately? We explain the bike leasing process below.

Step 1: Consult with your employer

When you are interested in bike leasing, first clarify with your employer whether the company has exisiting contracts with bike leasing providers. Should that be the case, it makes sense to also ask whether your company covers additional costs for insurance or regular inspections.

Step 2: Choose a bike

As soon as you have the go-ahead from your employer, you can choose a bike - either directly from the bike leasing provider or from a SIMPLON dealer that cooperates with the leasing provider. Leasing providers are usually networked with numerous bike dealers. One provider, for example, is bikeleasing.at, with a dealer network of over 7,000 partners in Germany and Austria.

By the way, it doesn't matter whether the bike of your choice has an electric motor or not: you decide which model is right for you. However, one criterion is usually set by the employer - the price range of the purchase bike in which the leasing bike may fall. While there is no typical or even legally stipulated upper price limit experience shows that many companies set the limit at €5,000.

Hint: Do you think that the leasing option could enable you to finally fulfil your dream of owning a SIMPLON bike? Below you will find a selection of SIMPLON models that are priced below €5,000 (NB. Particular configuation options could push the total price over €5,000).

Step 3: Book additional services

It makes sense to take out insurance so that you are optimally protected. Whether for theft, accidents or repairs - leasing providers offer a wide range of options. Choose the insurance package that is either approved by your employer or that suits you best.

Note: With some leasing providers, certain services are mandatory. At bikeleasing.at, for example, comfort insurance against theft and damage to the bike is mandatory.

Step 4: Sign the bike leasing contract

As soon as the bike and the corresponding additional services have been selected, your employer will receive the contract from the leasing provider. This contract sets out the conditions of the bike leasing agreement. In addition to the regulations on the deduction of the leasing instalment, the agreed term is also part of the contract.

As soon as the contract has been approved by you and your employer, you can configure your new company bike.

These SIMPLON bikes are ideal for leasing

SIMPLON bikes and leasing? A winning combination! The following models are ideal for cruising to work and are priced below the upper limit of €5,000 (as often set by employers), as well offering the optimal performance to take the scenic route home.

SPOTLIGHT MAHLE - a lively ride to work

Cycle to work in comfort on the saddle of the SPOTLIGHT MAHLE. The e-trekking bike is light, stylish and equipped with an extremely quiet motor, and thanks to its low weight, it is also very easy to carry up stairs. So if you're looking for an urban cuiser which combines design and functionality, this model is the right choice for you.

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CHENOA UNI – unstoppable over any distance

The CHENOA UNI combines low weight with a trendy look. Every tour is a real pleasure on the city runabout with its feather-light carbon frame and powerful Bosch motor - whether it's early in the morning on the way to the office or on longer bike excursions at the weekend.

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KAGU BOSCH CX 275 – from the office chair over hill and dale

The robust trekking e-bike that takes you everywhere: with the KAGU BOSCH CX 275 and its comfortable balloon tyres and powerful motor, you can master any terrain. So it’s easy to go for a long ride in the countryside right after the office closes.

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KAGU BOSCH UNI 275 – miles of riding comfort

If you have a long commute to work, then you should opt for the KAGU BOSCH UNI 275. The comfort trekking e-bike is particularly easy to mount thanks to the low step-through and the integrated Vario seatpost. Thanks to a high load capacity, you are even ideally equipped for multi-day tours at the weekend or on holiday.

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RAPCON PMAX – for mountain bike enthusiasts

Your heart beats for mountain biking, or you prefer to commute on an e-MTB? Then the RAPCON PMAX is your perfect choice. This E-Enduro with a carbon frame and dual battery is a real powerhouse for the mountains - it will give you a great performance uphill and downhill on all trails.

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Let our dealers advise you

Are you interested in leasing a bike from SIMPLON? If you have any further questions on the leasing process (or on the SIMPLON model of your dreams), our highly trained dealers will be happy to advise you!

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