Which RAPCON fits your style?

Your RAPCON – your trail! Our 4-member RAPCON family is one of the most versatile mountain bike platforms on the market: from trail to enduro, from bio bikes to light e-MTBs and innovative full-power e-MTBs. In this model overview, we explain the differences and which RAPCON is best suited for you and your riding style.

The SIMPLON RAPCON family: An overview

Bio bike or full-power E-MTB? An agile trail bike or an enduro bike with plenty of downhill potential? No matter which of these MTB segments you ride, we have the right RAPCON for you. From a classic bike without a motor to a featherweight light e-MTB to a range monster with 1430 Wh battery power, the RAPCON platform meets all the requirements of modern trail bikes and enduro bikes.

Our four RAPCON models are based on technologically pioneering carbon frames with 29" wheels and 150 or 170/650 mm of suspension travel. Our developers have used this platform to develop four RAPCON models with very specific characteristics and compelling features fulfilling clearly defined requirements without compromise: The bio-bike RAPCON, the light e-mountain bike RAPCON PMAX TQ, the powerful RAPCON PMAX CX and the brand new, extremely long-range RAPCON PMAX PINION with the innovative and low-maintenance Motor.Gearbox.Unit from Pinion.

We have the right RAPCON for every need - as all four models have successfully proven in several tests. The question is: Which RAPCON is right for you? In the following, we explain which model is particularly suitable for which type of rider and area of use.

RAPCON – the enduro and trail classic without a motor

Our RAPCON is the epitamy of a modern fully for trail and enduro for demanding bikers. The carbon frame with its balanced geometry, low centre of gravity and 29" wheels is playful and fast. On downhill sections, the RAPCON with a choice of 150 or 170/165 mm suspension travel always guarantees full control, while on uphill sections it follows extremely efficiently and willingly thanks to its low weight starting at 13.4 kg.

The RAPCON is the perfect bike for riders who rely purely on muscle power and want to climb trails on their own, but also enjoy bike parks and shuttle laps. Like its siblings, it is extremely versatile because it can be customised to your own preferences in our configurator: In addition to the suspension travel, bikers can choose their individual equipment details and put together their own personal dream bike.


Price from 5,599 €
Weight from 13.4 kg
Motor -
Battery -
Travel 150/150 or 170/165 mm
Mullet option no

Enduro Mountainbike Magazin Winner Enduro 12/2021

Winner Design & Innovation Award 2022

Ideal for Muscle power purists and cable car downhillers - who needs a motor?

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RAPCON PMAX CX – the epitamy of E-MTB


With the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX, the RAPCON PMAX CX is the first choice for anyone who needs a real powerhouse. With the proven, powerful Bosch motor and up to 1,000 Wh battery power, this model from the RAPCON family is ideal for all e-MTB racers looking for maximum performance. If you want the powerful Bosch motor but the lowest possible weight, simply select the lighter 500 WH battery in our configurator. Athletes with precise riding technique can even opt for the Race Limited Edition of the Bosch Peformance Line CX motor.

In the SIMPLON configurator you can also choose the mullet option with a 27.5" rear wheel and either 150 or 170/165 mm suspension travel as an alternative to the standard fitted 29" wheels. And, of course, there are plenty of other customised equipment details to choose from. Depending on your preference, the RAPCON PMAX CX is either responsive on technical trails or offers maximum reserves for hot downhills on any terrain.


Price from 8,999 €
Weight from 22.3 kg
Motor Bosch Performance Line CX or Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition
Battery 500 to 1,000 Wh
Travel 150/150 or 170/165 mm
Mullet option yes
Awards EMTB Winner All Mountain 04/2023
Ideal for E-mountain bikers who are looking for a proven, powerful motor with a long range and classic derailleur gears

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RAPCON PMAX PINION – the next generation E-MTB

The brand new RAPCON PMAX PINION is one of the first E-MTBs to offer Pinion's revolutionary Motor.Gearbox.Unit to the trails. The powerful motor with integrated gearbox and belt drive guarantees unrivalled reliability. With service intervals of 10,000 kilometres, the encapsulated motor-gearbox unit is absolutely stress-free, even if you regularly take your bike out into muddy terrain. The optional 1,495 Wh battery also offers maximum range. The low, central centre of gravity of the Pinion drive and the particularly light rear triangle give the RAPCON PMAX PINION perfect handling in downcountry use.

As with all motorised RAPCON PMAX models, our extensive configurator also offers a choice of 29" wheels and the mullet option with a 27.5" rear wheel and 150 or 170/165 mm suspension travel for the new addition to the RAPCON family. As usual, you can also combine numerous other equipment options according to your personal wishes and requirements.


Price from 9,999 €
Weight from 23.4 kg
Motor Pinion E1.12
Battery 720 to 1,495 Wh
Travel 150/150 or 170/165 mm
Mullet option yes
Ideal for E-mountain bikers who want to take off into the future of E-MTBs with an absolutely stress-free, powerful and innovative drive system

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RAPCON PMAX TQ – the Light-E-MTB with a natural MTB ride feel

If you are looking for natural support on the mountain and a natural MTB riding experience without unnecessary ballast, our lightweight RAPCON PMAX TQ is just the bike for you. The light e-MTB weighs less than 18 kg – which results in lively, direct handling and maximum riding fun on technical trails and challenging descents. 

As with the full-power models, our configurator also offers you the choice of 150 or 170/165 mm suspension travel and 29" wheels or the more agile mullet option with 27.5" on the rear wheel for the RAPCON PMAX TQ.


Price from 8,699 €
Weight from 17.9 kg
Motor TQ HPR50
Battery 360 to 520 Wh
Travel 150/150 or 170/165 mm
Mullet option yes
Awards Enduro Mountainbike Magazin Winner Light E-MTB 03/2023
Ideal für Mountain bikers who want to combine the light-footed handling of an organic bike with e-assistance

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