Inissio Pmax

Inissio Pmax

The second-generation INISSIO PMAX is supported by a specially developed hub motor that assures smooth running with minimal weight. The lightweight carbon frame allows wide tyres and offers many mounting points for practical accessories. Unbeatably versatile and beautiful, the INISSIO PMAX will make the hearts of all gravel enthusiasts beat faster.

€ 5,699.00
CHF 5,699.00
4 from 6
4 from 6
6 from 6
4 from 6
Unbeatably versatile gravel e-bike
Weight assembled bike
from 11,6 kg
System weight
125 kg
Frame material
55 Nm
236 Wh
    Inissio Pmax
    Built-in tailwind

    Almost invisible and super lightweight (at only 2 kg): the hub-drive motor by Ebikemotion between the sprocket cluster and disc.

    Control – but safe!

    The control unit sits perfectly integrated in the top tube. Via button and colour-spectrum LED display, you can select three support levels.

    Switched off motor?

    No problem at all! If you ride without support, you hardly notice the drive unit. With hardly any resistance, it allows for efficient riding on flat terrain. 

    Eminence front

    The display in the top tube also shows you the battery capacity. A display on the steerer thus becomes obsolete.  

    Aiming high

    The drive unit reaches a torque of up to 40 Nm and supports the rider on the mountain at a speed of up to 26 km/h.

    Almost invisible

    The charging socket is easy to reach because of its location between the down tube and the seat tube. A range extender, which can be connected right at the charging socket, offers you the possibility to double your range.

    A road bike for all eventualities

    High-profile tyres with up to 40 mm in width provide comfort, increased accident protection and lots of grip to be able to safely ride even on rough terrain. 

    Well hidden

    250-Wh battery is seamlessly and beautifully integrated into the down tube. 

    The all-rounder

    On the road, on gravel or on an easy trail – the gravel e-roadbike by SIMPLON boasts an impressive affinity for rough terrain thanks to a tyre clearance of up to 40 mm. But that’s not all! It’s also perfect for everyday use: With mudguards, a light system and a rear rack, the e-roadbike turns into a real all-in-one utility bike. For bike travellers, commuters or gravel racers, the carbon roadbike is an absolute must-have! What else does this e-roadbike by SIMPLON have to offer? Let’s find out! 


    Integration in the cockpit area

    The optional handlebar / stem unit, together with the integrated cable routing via the headset, ensures a super-clean look and prevents the classic tangle of cables.


    With SIMPLON’s geometry table, you can find the right bike for your individual needs. Because one thing’s for sure: The geometry is a deciding factor in how your bike feels when you ride it!

    sr.Table Scrollable
    Inissio Pmax 45 49 53 57 62
    A Seat tube length 430 470 510 550 600
    B Top tube length 523 535 565 585 605
    C Head tube angle 69° 70° 70° 71° 72°
    D Seat tube angle 74,5° 74,5° 73,5° 73,5° 73,5°
    E Head tube length 120 135 160 185 210
    F Chainstay length 425 425 425 425 425
    G Wheelbase 1025 1029 1050 1061 1072
    H Bottom bracket drop 67 67 67 67 67
    I Fork length 400 400 400 400 400
    K Fork offset (rake) 48 48 48 48 48
    M Stand over height 715 748 781 812 843
    S Stack 535 553 577 604 632
    R Reach 375 382 394 406 418
    STR* Stack to Reach 1,43 1,45 1,46 1,49 1,51

    All lengths in mm
    *STR: The higher the number, the more upright is the seating postion.

    Test Reports

    Tested by RCDE: the Inissio Pmax | A gravel e-bike by Simplon

    RCDE takes a closer look at the Simplon Inissio Pmax – a forest, grass and gravel racer with a barely visible drive unit. Go to test review! 

    Read more!

    Technical Details


    The innovative technology features by SIMPLON were used on the INISSIO PMAX as well, of course. Here are the high-end highlights of the e-roadbike: Say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to a clean look: with the internal cable routing through the headset and the optional steerer/stem unit! The gravel e-roadbike is designed to conquer long distances. To make the riding experience even more relaxed and comfortable, SIMPLON uses its tried and tested Comfort Concept. Top tube, seat stays and seat tube constitute a perfect unit at the point where they merge. The Raptor Dropout technology – rear-facing dropouts – gives the bike higher vertical flex and more comfort at the fork. A definite bonus in rough terrain! 


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