Kiaro Pmax

The success model Kiaro is hitting the roads with an extra boost now. The Pmax version runs on a minimalistic drive unit by Ebikemotion on the rear wheel as well as a barely noticeable 250-Wh battery in the down tube – integration at the highest level! This “total package” offers the perfect combination of low weight and optimum support. Especially on the mountain, nothing can stop you anymore on the Kiaro Pmax.
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Who’s the Kiaro Pmax perfect for? And what makes the e-roadbike so special? We’ve got the answers for you: Headwind, tough mountain stages, riding with riders of different levels of ability: There are many reasons to get the new Kiaro Pmax with built-in tailwind. What’s more, the slim battery takes up so little space that the difference between the Kiaro and a bike without drive unit is barely noticeable. Another highlight: its low weight. It weighs in at only about 10.7 kg – simply incredible! What else does the e-roadbike made by Simplon’s team of tinkerers have to offer? Let’s find out! 



Cherished and loved: the innovative technologies by Simplon. The Kiaro Pmax boasts a number of high-end highlights: The optional steerer-stem unit in combination with internal cable routing via the headset gives the bike a super clean look and prevents the cables from getting tangled. Thanks to the Comfort Concept, the bike offers highest sitting comfort. Top tube, seat stays and seat tube constitute a beautiful unit at the point where they merge. The Raptor Dropout technology – rear-facing dropouts – ensures a higher vertical flax and more comfort at the fork, which is especially helpful when riding over road bumps. 


There are many optional features available for the Kiaro Pmax. How about a range extender, for instance? An additional 250 Wh significantly increase the range of the e-roadbike. By the way, the additional battery can be attached right at the charging socket. 

  • wheels
  • ergonomic cockpit
  • crank box

Geometry table

Does the e-roadbike fit your proportions and riding style? Which frame size do you need? The geometry table by Simplon helps you find the right e-roadbike for your individual needs. Because there’s one thing you should know: The geometry is the deciding factor in how your bike acts on the road! 

46 420 500 69° 73° 120 410 981 74 382 50 699 522 352 1,48
49 450 527 70° 73° 136 410 985 74 382 50 728 542 361 1,50
52 480 542 72,5° 73° 151 410 980 74 382 50 748 564 370 1,52
55 500 556 72,5° 73° 176 410 994 74 382 50 769 588 376 1,56
58 520 573 72,5° 73° 195 410 1010 74 382 50 788 608 387 1,57
61 550 588 72,5° 73° 216 410 1025 74 382 50 816 630 396 1,59
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