Kiaro Disc

Kiaro Disc

With the KIARO DISC, SIMPLON sends a comfort racer to the road that doesn’t shy away from comparison. With features like the Comfort Concept or the Raptor Dropout on the forks, the focus is on comfort without sacrificing SIMPLON’s racing genes. The clean look of the internally routed cables in the Smart Headset creates a cool front view without cable clutter. To improve braking performance, especially in wet conditions, the KIARO DISC is equipped with the latest generation of disc brakes. Overall, an outstanding bike for those who value comfort but don’t want to sacrifice speed.

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CHF 3,799.00
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Everybody's darling - elegant, timeless design with that extra bit of comfort.
Weight assembled bike
from 6,9 kg
Frame weight
1260 g (M)
Frame material
    Kiaro Disc
    Not to be ruffled

    The overall high level of frame stiffness leads to unbeatable steering precision.

    The brakes - true gems

    To improve braking performance especially on wet terrain, the KIARO DISC comes equipped with Flat Mount Disc Brakes of the latest generation. They give you excellent control over the bike – no matter the weather conditions.

    Optimum power transmission

    Thanks to the bike's high stiffness, the KIARO DISC reacts immediately when pedaling and the power is converted directly into propulsion.

    Lightning-fast, accurate and reliable

    Short lever travel, always the same pressure point, easy handling: That’s what you get with the Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset. This electronic shifting system enables precise and effortless shifting of gears in any situation.

    Uncompromisingly comfortable

    The ARC1 handlebar-stem unit is designed for exceptional aerodynamics. Wide handlebars provide a comfortable surface to rest your forearms on – perfect for the standard aerodynamic riding position.

    Aiming high

    The round seat post with a large extension enables vertical flex and therefore comfortable seating

    maximum comfort without any losses in speed

    On the KIARO DISC, comfort and speed enter a perfect symbiosis. The notorious saying “Speed knows no pain” doesn’t apply in this case. The road bike not only allows you to be among the front runners. It also lets you master every marathon with relative ease. The speed genes of the carbon bike can be felt instantly: When accelerating, the bike reacts immediately and directly converts power into forward propulsion. What’s more, the balanced geometry and comfortable sitting position will impress long-distance pros in particular.



    The term "Comfort Concept" summarises the especially flattened tube cross-sections on the seat and chainstays, seat post, top tube as well as the seat tube. The harmonious interaction of these tubes provides excellent seating comfort with a high level of torsional rigidity.


    The geometry table will help you find the perfect frame size. If you are unsure, our experts will be happy to help you with a free online consultation.

    sr.Table Scrollable
    Kiaro Disc 46/XXS 49/XS 52/S 55/M 58/L 61/XL
    A Seat tube length 420 450 480 500 520 550
    B Top tube length 500 527 542 556 573 588
    C Head tube angle 69° 70° 72,5° 72,5° 72,5° 72,5°
    D Seat tube angle 73° 73° 73° 73° 73° 73°
    E Head tube length 120 136 151 176 195 216
    F Chainstay length 403 403 403 403 403 403
    G Wheelbase 981 985 980 994 1010 1025
    H Bottom bracket drop 74 74 74 74 74 74
    I Fork length 382 382 382 382 382 382
    K Fork offset (rake) 50 50 50 50 50 50
    M Stand over height 699 728 748 769 788 816
    S Stack 522 542 564 588 608 630
    R Reach 352 361 370 376 387 396
    STR* Stack to Reach 1,48 1,50 1,52 1,56 1,57 1,59

    All lengths in mm
    *STR: The higher the number, the more upright is the seating postion.
    Due to the integrated seatpost clamping without the otherwise usual "seat tube stub", the dimension "A" is shorter than the corresponding frame height.
    On the KIARO DISC, KIARO PMAX and PRIDE ll models, the top tube is sloping, which results in a difference between the frame size and the "A" dimension.

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    Technical Details


    Just like all SIMPLON bike models, our KIARO DISC is equipped with a range of innovative technologies. For instance, our comfort racer scores highly with the Maximum Power Transfer technology: The tube cross-sections of the chainstays as well as the carbon structure are designed for maximum stiffness in the bottom bracket area. It could hardly provide any more propulsion! The left chainstay gives the bike additional stiffness with its prominent fin.

    The KIARO’s secret sauce: the our Comfort Concept - ultra-thin VIBREX® seatstays, a seatpost with VIBREX® technology and a flattened top tube ensure exceptional suspension and sitting comfort. Additionally, the Raptor Dropout – rear-facing dropouts – increase vertical flex and thus riding comfort.