Pavo IV

Pavo IV

The PAVO IV marks an unprecedented fusion of lightweight construction and aerodynamics. Its state-of-the-art autoclave production in Europe allows carbon frames of the highest quality: extremely light and safe at the same time. All frame tubes have been aerodynamically optimised through flow simulations. The PAVO IV combines the best of both worlds and offers an enormously wide range of uses: uphill it’s light, on the flat it’s accelerated by low air resistance.

€ 5,999.00
CHF 5,999.00
4 from 6
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6 from 6
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Perfection in function and manufacturing
Weight assembled bike
from 6.5 kg
Frame weight
800 g (M)
Frame material
UCI compliant
    Pavo IV
    Evolution to perfection

    The fourth generation of the Pavo combines the genes of its predecessors with our experience from developing the aero rocket "Pride II" (currently the fastest UCI-compliant road racing bike in the world).

    Aerodynamics meets comfort

    The beautifully integrated clamping of the seat post with Comfort Concept offers a high level of seating comfort with maximum aerodynamic performance.

    Eminence Front

    Orderly protection for the cables and an aerodynamically optimized front surface: This is provided by the cable routing of the Smart Headset, in which all cables run inside the frame from the headset.

    Slim Silhouettes

    The small frontal area, which has been optimized for minimal air resistance using flow models, pushes the Pavo IV to maximum performance while maintaining a low weight.

    Strength Conditioned

    The extraordinary rigidity of the bottom bracket and chainstay ensure optimal power transmission. So that your power transfers to the asphalt.

    Beautiful Efficiency

    The perfect integration of fork and head tube scores points not only with its elegant design, but also with its particular stability and rigidity, thanks to our I-Cone technology.

    Superlight Strength

    Additional carbon layers reinforce critical areas (like the rear dropout here) and ensure maximum stability in a super light frame.

    Broadside Attack

    The Pavo IV takes it with tires up to 34 mm wide. The bottom bracket has been designed to provide maximum width support, ensuring the greatest possible drive rigidity.

    Versatile aero road bike for climbing the peaks

    In its fourth model generation, our Pavo IV achieves an unprecedented fusion of lightweight and aerodynamics. It thus covers an extremely wide range of uses: uphill it spurs with its low frame weight, on the flat it is uncompromisingly fast thanks to the low air resistance of the aerodynamically optimized frame shape. It thus combines the genes of all Pavo models with our developers experience with the Pride II, currently the fastest UCI-compliant road bike on the market.

    This previously unattained combination of light weight and aerodynamics was made possible by tube cross-sections optimized by computer simulation and state-of-the-art autoclave production in Portugal.


    With SIMPLON’s geometry table, you can find the right bike for your individual needs. Because one thing’s for sure: The geometry is a deciding factor in how your bike feels when you ride it!

    sr.Table Scrollable
    Pavo IV 46/XXS 49/XS 52/S 55/M 58/L 61/XL
    A Seat tube length 442 469 501 520 540 560
    B Top tube length 509 530 550 557 583 588
    C Head tube angle 71° 71,5° 73° 73° 73° 73°
    D Seat tube angle 75° 75° 75° 75° 75° 75°
    E Head tube length 111 130 146 166 186 205
    F Chainstay length 410 410 410 410 410 410
    G Wheelbase 976 988 991 1002 1008 1013
    H Bottom bracket drop 75 75 75 75 75 75
    I Fork length 379 379 379 379 379 379
    K Fork offset (rake) 47 47 47 47 47 47
    M Stand over height 725 755 780 800 820 840
    R Reach 370 380 390 395 400 405
    S Stack 520 540 560 580 600 620
    STR * Stack to Reach 1,41 1,42 1,44 1,47 1,50 1,53

    All lengths in mm
    * STR: Higher number indicates more upright sitting posture


    Smart Headset

    Cables and wires run from the handlebars through a special headset into the interior of the frame. The smart headset provides a tidy look and protects the cables.

    State-of-the-art production in Europe: The Pavo IV Frame

    The PAVO IV sets standards in frame production. Its UCI-certified carbon frame is manufactured in Europe, it is aerodynamically optimized and a flyweight. This rare combination is possible because we make no compromises in development and manufacturing:

    • The aerodynamically optimized frame shape was developed with the help of flow simulations.
    • The highest-quality carbon fibres ensure stiffness and low weight.
    • The full monocoque frame is manufactured as one single component (instead of being assembled from several parts). This saves weight and increases stability.
    • The autoclave curing process under pressure results in an extremely compact fibre composite and therefore maximum safety.
    • A combination of manual and state-of-the-art robotic finishing processes ensures the frame's ultimate perfection.

    Find out more about our PAVO IV special frame manufacturing process in this magazine article.

    Limited special Edition: Pavo IV RAW LIMITED

    Take your chance to grab the unpainted special edition PAVO IV RAW LIMITED - limited to 99 units only!

    Thanks to the ultra-modern and elaborate production process, the PAVO IV is already suitable for use on the road without any paint. The unrivalled look and feel of the raw, high-quality carbon surface makes the hearts of road bike enthusiasts beat faster! On top of that, each model is numbered and decorated with a SIMPLON logo especially adapted for the RAW LIMITED Edition.

    Find out more about the PAVO IV RAW LIMITED in our magazine and configure your personalised model. (Please note: Configuration options for the special edition are more limited than for our standard model).

    Test Reports

    Design & Innovation Award 2024 for our PAVO IV

    The Design & Innovation Award honours the most outstanding bike products every year. Winner in the Road Bikes 2024 category: the SIMPLON PAVO IV

    Read more!


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