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The Pride II breaks all wind tunnel records. The aerodynamic road bike boasts minimal air resistance and makes highly efficient use of the sailing effect for ultimate propulsion. That’s energy saving in perfection, so to speak. What’s more, it’s not only professionals who benefit from this at top speeds but also long-distance cyclists riding at medium speeds. The bike’s special cockpit is available in different versions and can be individually adapted to the rider.


Listen up, road cyclists! Do you want to declare war on air resistance and ride faster than ever? The carbon frame and all add-on parts of the Pride II were optimised based on air-flow simulations and extensive wind tunnel tests. The result: an aero racer unlike any other. According to our database, there is currently no faster UCI-compliant road bike on the market. RennRad magazine confirms this statement in its 9/2021 issue: "No road bike we have tested so far has ever achieved better aerodynamics than the new, extensively revised SIMPLON Pride". This makes it the first choice for ambitious riders and professional road cyclists. 


This update to the Pride I has it all! Compared to its predecessor model, the new frame has a much flatter shape, especially in the head tube and down tube area. The seat tube follows the contour of the tyres, and the transitions between the tubes in the frame triangle are much more pronounced. This means the bike makes optimal use of the leeway allowed by UCI regulations and ensures top performance in terms of aerodynamics.

The frame and carbon fork can accommodate tyres that are up to 30 mm wide. Disc brakes (160/140 mm) ensure optimum braking performance no matter the weather. 

There is a choice of two basic positions for the aero seat post, and the cockpit can be individually adapted thanks to three different stem versions (Pro, Marathon, Comfort) with a length adjustment range of 15 mm each.

The new edition of the Pride leaves the already extremely fast predecessor model in the dust according to the test we conducted. As part of a modelling process, the two models were compared with each other on the "King of the Lake" race course under the exact same conditions. With the same effort put in, the Pride II completed the 47.4 km route 2:02 minutes faster than the Pride I. This equals a speed advantage of 2.6 seconds per km. The reason for this is the so-called "sailing effect", which becomes effective in crosswind conditions.

The Pride II is approved for indoor training and can be used with standard rollers, turbo trainers and direct drives – for year-round riding fun!


SIMPLON's innovative technologies make the Pride II a first-class aero racer. The two-arm carbon stem unit was aerodynamically optimised and beautifully integrated into the frame. All lines and cables are routed internally through the frame, which ensures the lowest possible air resistance. Hurray for the Advanced Cockpit!

The Kamm Tail Design is an unusual tube profile with a shortened flow tail. How does the SIMPLON Pride II benefit from this? The construction of the frame and components as well as the streamlined airfoil design provide increased lateral stiffness and a significant reduction in drag.

Ultimate power transfer and propulsion thanks to Maximum Power Transfer technology: 
The tube cross-sections of the chainstays as well as the carbon structure in the area of the bottom bracket are designed for maximum stiffness.


The Pride II offers many options to configure the road bike to your liking. The two-piece handlebar and stem construction allows you to choose from four widths for the flat aero base handlebar as well as three stem heights.

More options for the Pride II:

  • wheels
  • ergonomic cockpit
  • crank box
  • power meter

Geometry table

Does the Pride II fit my proportions and riding style? Which frame size do I need? With SIMPLON's geometry table, you can find the road bike that’s perfect for you!

Pride II 46 49 52 55 58 61
A 452 465 492 512 532 550
B 530 543 558 568 584 595
C 71,25° 71,25° 73,0° 73,0° 73,0° 73,0°
D 73,5° 73,5° 73,5° 73,5° 73,5° 73,5°
E 95 110 117 138 160 180
F 403 403 403 403 403 403
G 976 990 990 1000 1011 1028
H 75 75 75 75 75 75
I 370 370 370 370 370 370
K 45 45 45 45 45 45
M 730 744 764 783 801 820
S-REAL** 500 517 530 550 568 588
R-REAL** 381 390 400 405 410 417
S-VIRT** 505 522 535 555 573 593
R-VIRT** 378 387 397 402 407 414
STR-REAL** 1,31 1,33 1,33 1,36 1,39 1,41
STR-VIRT** 1,34 1,35 1,35 1,38 1,41 1,43
A Seat tube length mm
B Top tube length
C Head tube angle
D Seat tube angle
E Head tube length
F Chainstay length
G Wheelbase
H Bottom bracket drop
I Fork length
K Fork offset (rake)
M Stand over height
R** Reach
S** Stack
STR* Stack to Reach

*STR: The higher the number, the more upright is the seating postion.


These stack and reach values are the real measured values of the frame. Due to the special stem geometry and the stem design of the PRIDE ll compared to road bikes with conventional stems, these values are not comparable with mentioned road bikes.



These stack and reach values are calculated values, which allow a comparability to road bikes with conventional stems. These take into account the special stem geometry and design compared to the geometry of conventional road bike stems and headset caps.

Due to the integrated seatpost clamping without the otherwise usual "seat tube stub", be PRIDE ll the dimension "A" is shorter than the corresponding frame height.

In the models KIARO DISC, KIARO PMAX and PRIDE ll the top tube

Test Reports

Pride II tested by RennRad magazine

Tested & found to be fast: The agile aero racer won the RennRad testers’ heart at lightning speed with its fantastic specs and wind tunnel results. Read more!

Read more!

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