The history of Simplon 

From a dealer...


In 1930 Josef Hämmerle started a bike shop in the Austrian town of Hard on the shores of Lake Constance. craftsmanship


In the 1950s more and more customers were buying bikes “Made in Switzerland”, which Josef Hämmerle didn’t like at all. But instead of getting annoyed by this he began to build his own high-quality bikes with his sons Kurt and Heinz and realised his own idea of quality bikes.

An Alpine pass as the brand name


The company was registered under the name Simplon in 1961. The beginning of a truly remarkable success story.

Ready for the "yellow Trikot"

The 1970's

At the end of the 1970s the brand was able to establish itself on the Austrian market with a range of racing bikes. The frames were designed and developed by themselves but manufactured by suppliers.

Win in the Tour of Austria


1981 Gerhard Zadrobilek won the Tour of Austria on a Simplon.

1983 The company’s new premises with warehouse and assembly facilities were built on the Oberer Achdamm in Hard, Austria 

“Conquering“ the mountains


In the late 1980s Simplon started to introduce the first mountain bike models to their product range. Andreas Hämmerle, previously an active cyclist, brought the concepts and ideas for this new bike generation from the USA to Hard and helped to create these new models at Simplon.

A new era began: with Germany, Austria and Switzerland


After Austria joined the EU, Simplon started selling bikes to Switzerland and Germany as well.

A strong partner on board


2014: The German Hannover Finanzgruppe came on board as a strategic partner and took over 55 percent of the shares in Simplon.

2015: Stefan Vollbach joined the company as Managing Director and acquired 5 percent of the company’s shares.

Crossing over the Channel / Try before you buy


In 2017 Simplon made its product range available to the British market and gained a foothold on British soil.

Try before you buy: ...As it’s important to experience a SIMPLON bike yourself Simplon opened a new test centre at the company’s headquarters in Hard in 2017.

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Simplon Expands Headquarter in hard Austria


Simplon is investing around one million euros in assembly and office space. With 300 square meters more usable space, the company is continuing to modernize its location. Simplon opens Experience Center and, as a premium manufacturer, focuses increasingly on a better brand experience as well as intensive and personal consultation.