Customised bike system by Simplon

One of a kind

Individuality and uniqueness go hand in hand at SIMPLON. This fact opens up a myriad of possibilities and ways for you to configurate your dream bike – a bike that is perfectly geared to all your needs and wishes.

We’re ready. Are you?

The Simplon manufacture

The SIMPLON team consists of tinkerers, athletes, engineers – all equipped with lots of love for details and a passion for bikes. And what you love to do, you do well – not to say, perfectly. So, it’s no surprise that every single bike that is manufactured in Hard in the Austrian federal state of Vorarlberg is a little masterpiece.

Individual System

Configurate your own bike

SIMPLON wouldn’t be SIMPLON if it didn’t have the Individual System. Believe it or not – there are 100,000 ways for you to turn YOUR bike into a one-of-a-kind piece tailored to your needs. Road bike, mountain bike, e-bike or trekking bike: every bike is perfectly adapted for your style, your sitting position, your preferred terrain and your expectations. You have some questions about the configuration process or would like to get some advice from one of our experts? Contact us right away and find out more about your customised bike.



The heart of SIMPLON is its Innovation Lab – it combines all the good and makes it great. To start, there is the quality that you can rely on. Decades-long race experience which is essential for the development of the bikes. The curiosity and the ambition that make ideas come to life. A certain doggedness when it comes to technology which ensures that every bike receives SIMPLON's own unique imprint. And then there is the love for the materials that guarantees a light weight, sturdiness and safety.

All the above allows the construction team to develop high-end products for the SIMPLON race teams. And the many successes accomplished on SIMPLON bikes speak for themselves. Who profits from that? You and your dream of a perfect bike! Because it’s this decades-long experience that flows into every single bike that leaves our workshops. 

By the way: Many SIMPLON carbon frames and components not only get tested by several independent institutions but also by the institute EFBE – in the highest testing category “EFBE TRI-TEST®“. The components and frames are subject to much stricter citeria at these voluntary tests than at the usual ISO4210-Check.

Carbon – the gold standard

A high-end bike without carbon? Unthinkable! It’s a matter of honour that the SIMPLON team tinkers with the processing of these carbon fibres. Because that’s what makes the bikes light as a feather and sturdy like an iron rod! Add to that the fibre-fair carbon engineering of our developers at SIMPLON. This process prevents variations in stiffness in the grain flow via smooth transitions. The light fibre layers are formed by way of the hotmelt-prepreg procedure: hotmelting resin coats the carbon fibre more deeply which reduces the amount of resin within the carbon-fibre compound.

The lightest SIMPLON bikes are produced via double-fusion-technology with only two carbon parts. The necessary junctures are thus reduced to a minimum and this, in turn, lowers the weight. Followed by the high-pressure-carbon-molding process, extremely lightweight frames with great stiffness are produced.