A journey through the Experience Center


Get inspired at the SIMPLON Experience Center, and have your dream bike customised to your requirements!

The Simplon Experience Center

Feel and experience true bike craftmanship first-hand

“Born & raised in Austria” – SIMPLON’s motto and the associated passion for bicycles can be felt all around at the company headquarters in Hard: Employees who live and breathe cycling. Premises that allow for a 360-degree brand experience. And bikes that are as unique and extraordinary as their future owners. 

At the Experience Center, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of SIMPLON and let high-performance handcrafted bikes inspire them. Go on a journey with us … from the vision and initial idea of a perfect bike to its realisation! And in between? There’s a lot to discover and experience – promise!   

New since 2022: From now on, you can feel the SIMPLON spirit on 270 square metres at the expanded Experience Center!

First the appointment, then the consultation

You’ve been dreaming about getting a new road bike for a while now. One that is perfectly adjusted to your needs and wishes. One that’s practically the equivalent of a tailor-made suit. Then it’s about time to dive into the world of SIMPLON and find your dream bike. All you need to do is book one of the much sought-after appointments at the Experience Center online right away. 

Here’s how easy it is: 

  1. Use the new appointment scheduling tool to select the location in Hard.
  2. Road bike, e-road bikemountain bikee-mountain bike or trekking bike – depending on your preference, you can test up to two bikes. Just select the desired model(s)! 
  3. Have you found a model you want to test? Then secure yourself an appointment at the Experience Center right away! Please note: Fields marked in green indicate which days and time slots are still available.
  4. In the last step, you can select your consultation package including body scanning and enter your personal information.
  5. Now complete the booking process, and soon you’ll be able to test and fall in love with your dream bike right on site!  

Step 1: Let's talk – what are you looking for in a bike? 

Leg length, height, kilometres ridden, frame size – by telling the SIMPLON experts a few details in advance, they’ll have a bike ready for you to test at your appointment which is tailored to your specific requirements. What’s next? Time to talk about you and your needs! During a comprehensive consultation, you can tell us everything you are looking for in a bike. That’s the secret sauce of the Simplon Experience Center. 

Step 2: Detailed body scanning

The body scanning system ensures you'll get your perfect “tailor-made suit”. Eight cameras scan and measure your body and create a 3D image of you within seconds. The data is used to optimally adjust the saddle, handlebars, stem and other bike components to your needs. 

Step 3: Finetuning for maximum riding pleasure

What happens after body scanning? You hop on the bike and test it on the rollers. Cameras scan your motion sequences which allows us to finetune certain nuances. With MTBs, special attention is also paid to the detailed adjustment of the fork and shocks.

Now the time has finally come: With the help of the collected data, you will configure your very own SIMPLON bike together with our experts.

Step 4: Putting the bike through its paces 

Once your bike has been configured, you can finally take it for a test ride. And that even comes with a nice bonus: The scenery surrounding Lake Constance is varied and absolutely idyllic! For those who need assistance with route guidance, a GPS device is mounted on the bike. Depending on the type of bike and your route preferences, we will send you on a route tested by our Experience Center team. Also included: an energy drink and food for the road.

After a wonderful tour during which you have extensively tested the bike, it’s time for feedback. Based on this, our experts adjust the settings once again. 

Step 5: Take the final configuration to your SIMPLON dealer!

With the final configuration from your visit to the Experience Center, simply go to the SIMPLON dealer of your choice. That’s where you can order your customised bike!

In summary: Here's what's waiting for you at the SIMPLON Experience Center

  • individual advice from our experts on the factory premises in Hard
  • body measurements taken with a body scanning system 
  • adjustment of the bike to your measurements
  • test rides on select routes 
  • configuration of your dream bike 

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment at the Experience Center and experience the world of SIMPLON! 


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