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Exclusive interview with the Lotto Kern-Haus road cycling team

In the interview, team manager Florian Monreal gives us exclusive insights into topics surrounding the Lotto Kern-Haus team. Find out more about the Simplon Riders …

Exclusive insights: the Lotto Kern-Haus road cycling team

An interview about successes, training and teamwork

Winner of the Bundesliga team classification, runner-up to the German championship title in team time trial, second in the overall ranking of the Rad-Bundesliga thanks to Jonas Rutsch … Following the motto of “We pursue successes”, the Lotto Kern-Haus Team gave it their all once again in 2018 and won multiple titles. And the hunt for trophies continues. The young road cycling team is highly motivated to continue the successes of the previous season.

Maybe you’re wondering what that has to do with Simplon – that’s easy: Since 2018, the bike manufacturer in Hard is an exclusive partner of the Lotto Kern-Haus team. For three years already, Simplon has been equipping the team with their best road bikes. And the successes speak for themselves …

In an exclusive interview, team manager Florian Monreal tells us more about goals, training, the team and why Simplon road bikes are the perfect bikes for his objectives.

Goals and successes

In March, the first races of the season took place … how did it go so far? Have you achieved any successes already? 
We began the season on Rhodos and had a successful start – just like in the past two years. Thanks to Jonas Rutsch, we were able to win the youth classification of the tour. Jonas also came in fifth in the overall ranking.

Which goals have you set for 2019? 
The team will compete in the Deutschland Tour again and we’ll show everyone what we’re made of. We’d also like to win international races in the UCI categories 1.2/1.1 and 2.2/2.1 – both in the one-day races as well as the stage races. Another one of our goals is to win the team classification of the Rad-Bundesliga for the fourth time in a row and stand on the podium in the individual classification. 

Preparation and training

How does the team prepare for the races? 
Every year, the team spends ten days on Mallorca at training camp. Before that, the team meets twice each winter to train together at the team base. The riders undergo performance diagnostics there. 

What does the training look like? 
The riders usually train by themselves. The day-to-day training routine varies from team member to team member, depending on what kind of rider he is. The guys complete between 22,000 to 25,000 kilometres on the bike each season. 

Why Simplon?

You chose a Simplon road bike for your races. Which one did you decide on and why? 
Starting this year, we’re using the Pride bike. It’s easy: We wanted to switch to disc brakes. Thanks to the aero frame and disc brakes, we’ve got multiple competitive advantages over other teams in the semi-pro category (UCI Continental Teams). 

What do you like best about the Simplon bike? 
The technology that’s behind it! It’s a state-of-the art bike that is super stiff and super fast. 

Why Simplon? 
Simplon has made an excellent name for itself in the cycling community and offers road bikes that were specifically developed for the racing sport. 

9 questions, 9 answers – a quick profile of the team

You’re a team of 14 riders … do you all get along? 
Our team has distinguished itself from the very beginning by forming a homogenous group. True friendships have developed among the guys by now, and some of them are even flatmates. 

Are there disputes and disagreements from time to time, too? 
Sure, they happen once in a while – that’s normal when you’ve got 14 different personalities on one team. 

What makes your team stand out? 
Our strength is our strong team spirit. One for all and all for one! Cycling is a team sport and individual successes depend on the team as well. 

Who are the most successful riders on the team? 
That’s Joshua Huppertz and Jonas Rutsch. But the two of them can only be this successful because they’ve plenty of support within the team. 

Who’s the team player among you? 
Everyone gets a chance at racing, but Tobi, our longest-serving rider, is the perfect super-domestique. 

Who’s training most frequently? 
All team members train five to six times a week – otherwise, you’re not able to complete 22,000 to 25,000 kilometres … 

Who’s the most motivated? 
Jonas Rutsch – he’s a willpower animal! 

Who’s the “good soul” of the team? 
Tobi Knaup and he’s a great cook as well! 

How would you describe the Lotto Kern-Haus team in five words? 
Stately, serious, safe ;-) No – just kidding! Familial, ambitious, goal-oriented, stylish, successful.


You’d like to find out more about the Lotto Kern-Haus Team? Have a closer look at the team! Here’s their website. Or discover other Simplon Riders


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