FOCUS E-BIKE Design Award 2019

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The Silkcarbon Neodrives wins an amazing second place at the FOCUS E-BIKE Design & Innovation Award 2019 in the category of “Design & Urban”!

Silkcarbon Neodrives in the runner-up spot

Second place at the FOCUS E-BIKE Design & Innovation Award 2019

Creative thinkers, unique designers and innovative engineers – they all contribute to the development of premium Simplon e-bikes and they also place a special focus on state-of-the-art technology and excellent design. That’s what meets the taste of the bike enthusiasts – as the FOCUS reader vote 2019 shows: Simplon wins an amazing second place at the FOCUS E-BIKE Design & Innovation Award in the category of “Design” with the Silkcarbon Neodrives. 

About the FOCUS E-BIKE Design & Innovation Award

Who builds the most beautiful e-bike? Who has the most innovative ideas? And who thinks a step ahead to mobility of the future? That’s what counts for the FOCUS E-BIKE Design & Innovation Award! In 2019, the prize was awarded in four categories for the first time. The readers picked the winners in the category of “Design”, an expert panel in the category of “Innovation” and the FOCUS E-BIKE editorial team in the categories of “Personality” and “Honorable Mention”. 

Around 900,000 reader votes

Die FOCUS E-BIKE readers were able to decide the winners for the category of “Design”. Via an online voting process, more than 882,338 votes were submitted and the Silkcarbon Neodrives did it: It won second place – and thus Simplon received a nice affirmation of its magic touch regarding distinctive design ideas. 

The winning bike: Silkcarbon Neodrives

A carbon bullet par excellence: the Silkcarbon Neodrives . Thanks to a powerful drive unit and a built-in 500 watt-hour battery, the bike speedily, steadily and silently whirrs along over hill and dale. The lightweight full-carbon frame ensures a high level of stiffness and maximum riding comfort, especially on uneven terrain as the award proves: The style factor is high – very high!

The design highlights 

  • headset area: All cables on the Silkcarbon Neodrives are neatly routed down into the frame and underline the bike’s sleek look. 
  • seamless integrations: The battery and pannier rack made from carbon are seamlessly integrated into the frame – an unprecedented language of form!
  • built-in battery with 500 watt-hours: The battery neatly blends in with the bottom tube and ensures a long-lasting power supply. 
  • pannier rack: Thanks to the use of carbon for the lower tubing, the rack receives its unique shape – it harmoniously blends in with the frame and wheel. The construction generates a high level of stiffness and outperforms the standard aluminium rack when put under continuous load.

All facts about the winning e-bike can be found here.

… and this will not be the last title for Simplon. The staff at the bike workshop in Hard fervently works on new ideas, technologies and designs that make bikers jump for joy. Browse the full e-bike repertoire right away! 

Productvideo Silkcarbon Neodrives

Style meets technical innovation. The Silkcarbon Neodrives doesn’t only win every beauty contest it’s also equipped with numerous excellent features. Thanks to the redesigned Neodrives motor and the 500 Wh battery fully integrated into the frame the premium bike rolls quietly over any terrain with lots of power and is also suitable for longer tours thanks to the increased range.


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