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E-Bikes By Simplon

In the mood for an e-bike adventure? For leaving the ordinary bikers in the dust? And for enjoying the advantages of an e-bike on longer mountain tours? Then get on your SIMPLON e-bike! The quietly whirring runabouts will take you anywhere. And they look great at the same time!


e-bikes – no off-the-shelf products!

Which rider doesn’t dream about sitting on a one-of-a-kind bike? Selecting from 100,000 possibilities to create the perfect e-bike for themselves? Time to stop dreaming and to turn your dream into a reality! Let us build your own unique bike from highest quality materials. According to all your needs and wishes. More about SIMPLON’s customisable bike system.

Individual Bike System

Find the perfect electric bike!!

Battery, range, brakes, frame, light, drive unit – the number of components of an e-bike is long. And that doesn’t even include the add-on features and the question about design. How do you keep track of all that? What do you focus on? We’ll guide you through the e-bike jungle and help you find the right bike for you …

Which type of e-bike is the right one: trekking, comfort, or Sports?

Think ahead which purpose the bike needs to fulfil: do you want to go shopping with it, ride through the city on it or use it as a convenient way to get to work? You’re planning multi-day tours? Single trails are totally your thing?

For extended cycling tours

Trekking E-Bikes

KAGU BOSCH CX 275, CHENOA BOSCH CX UNI, SILKCARBON TQ … SIMPLON’s trekking e-bikes are great for bike trips and long-distance tours. With their powerful drive units, lightweight carbon frames and integrated pannier racks, they are perfect for withstanding heavy loads.  

Good to know:

The answer to the question which e-bike type you are and what your riding style is determines the kind of frame you need. And, hence, the riding position you’ll have on the bike. So, it’s important to test ahead of time to ensure you’ll feel comfortable – even when you spend several hours on the saddle!  

The core of every e-bike: the drive unit

Position, performance and weight – all aspects of utmost importance when it comes to the centrepiece of every e-bike. SIMPLON e-bikes all have a mid-drive unit. This ensures that the weight gets distributed evenly and, hence, improves the riding dynamics.

The bike gets its propulsive force from the powerful 250 Watts to 625 Watts drive unit. Noteworthy: Both drive unit and battery as well as several add-on components add extra weight to the bike. However, SIMPLON makes up for that by using lightweight carbon parts.  

SIMPLON's e-bikes are equipped with drive units from three manufacturers: Bosch, TQ and Mahle. Which is the right choice for you?

Powerhouse battery

tipps for the battery

No battery no power … so ahead of every ride: it’s time to charge the battery! On some Simplon bikes the battery is integrated elegantly into the frame, on others it can be easily removed for charging. Cool design or easy handling? The choice is yours!

5 tips for more riding fun and range

Thanks to the powerful built-in batteries, longer tours pose no problem for the Simplon e-bikes. But still: there are a few tips and tricks to get even more range out of your battery:

Steady pedalling

If you’re constantly playing with the gas pedal on your car, it uses up unreasonable amounts of petrol. It’s similar when it comes to e-bikes. Round and steady pedal strokes send a consistent signal to the drive unit – that saves power!

Shift down a gear!

With an e-bike, a high number of revs takes you the farthest. More specifically: a pedal stroke frequency of 60 to 80 crank motions per minute. If the bike’s in a difficult gear, the pedal stroke frequency is rather low and the drive unit does more work than you – that uses up power. Shift down a gear!

Using the support levels the right way

The motto when it comes to e-bikes is: “As little as possible and as much as necessary”! If you ride with less support on even terrain and no support downhill, the bike will definitely take you farther!

More range with less baggage

A critical look into your backpack should be enough for you to realize: you really only need half of what’s in there! That’s great! Because the weight of what you bring along significantly influences your battery range. If you ride with reduced load, you’ll get to enjoy riding with motorised support a little longer.

Anticipatory riding

You constantly switch between braking and accelerating? It’s much more efficient to use a steady speed. That saves valuable power but requires a little anticipation, of course.