How to winterise your bike


If you winterise your bike properly, it will stay in tip-top shape until spring! We’ll tell you how to get your bike ready for the winter months.

Tips on how to properly winterise your bike

When winter sets in, temperatures drop and the roads are covered with ice, even the most ambitious cyclists and MTB enthusiasts like to stay warm and not leave the comfort of their home. For your bike, this means: Time for a well-deserved winter break!

SIMPLON has a few tips for you on how to make your bike survive the winter months and come out in mint condition … 

The ideal storage place for winter

Give your bike a nice place to spend the winter months – whether that’s in the garage, in the basement, in a separate storage room or in a hallway. All that matters is that it’s dry! Because the natural enemies of every bike are water, frost and moisture – and they have a nasty habit of creeping into the technical components. 

And if you store your favourite bike in the living room, you’re not just right on trend – you’re also doing something good for your bike! Perfectly protected from wind and weather, it gets to hang right over the couch as the ultimate statement piece. True to the motto: "from basement dweller to lifestyle roommate".

Clean and grease it!

On your last ride before winter, dirt and salt got all over the frame, rims and chain? And that’s how your bike is going to spend the rest of winter? Hopefully not! Time for some cleaning and maintenance. Because if rust takes hold, you’ll experience a rude awakening at the beginning of the new season.

So first clean your bike thoroughly of dirt and road salt. This applies not only to the frame but also to all components and small parts on the bike. And don’t forget: Moving parts such as the chain and gears should be lubricated with oil. That keeps them young! If there is too much oil and grease, dust tends to stick to it, so be sure to wipe the excess off. Ideally, you should also cover your bike over the winter. 

SIMPLON tip: If possible, do not use chain cleaner. It sucks every last drop of oil out of the chain links. Normal bike cleaner is more than enough. You can find more hacks for proper bike cleaning in our step-by-step guide.

Pump it up!

Over the course of winter, tyres tend to lose a bit of air. To prevent the air from escaping completely and the bike tyres from going flat, pump them up well before their winter break. Reinflating them once or twice throughout winter is always a good idea as well. Because: A flat tyre can deteriorate the material. 

By the way: If you’re planning to store your bike for longer periods of time, be sure to shift to the smallest gear at the front and rear. This prevents unnecessary tension.

Waking your bike from its winter slumber

Let’s face it, you can’t just put your beloved SIMPLON bike in the corner – out of sight and out of mind all winter. So be sure to regularly check on your little companion! 

Pull the brake levers from time to time to prevent the pistons from getting stuck and compress the fork and shocks every now and then to lubricate the seals. SIMPLON tip: If you have the option to do so, hang your bike from its front wheel. This allows the fork oil to always reach the seals and prevents them from drying up.

Back on track: To shorten the wait until spring, why not treat yourself to a new bike outfit for Christmas? From bib shorts to T-shirts and windbreakers, you’ll find a wide selection of SIMPLON-style cycling gear in our online shop.

What to do with an e-bike

When you store your e-bike for winter, you should remove the battery. Ideally, keep it in a dry place, at room temperature and protected from light. During the winter break, the bike battery shouldn’t be fully charged, but also not completely empty – otherwise, its lifespan might decrease. A charge level of around 60 per cent is perfect. You can find out other easy hacks for your bike battery in our magazine article

Road bike, mountain bike, e-bike or trekking bike – follow these tips and you’ll have a blast on your first tour in spring!

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