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Rapcon Pmax tested by E-MTB

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Rico Haase, a tester for the E-MTB Magazine, rates the e-fully Rapcon Pmax by Simplon as “Full-Speed Tip” and “Editor’s Choice”. Read the test review!

Simplon Rapcon Pmax

E-MTB test riders award “Full-Speed Tip” and “Editors’ Choice”

A powerful speedster that bridges the gap between an all-mountain and an enduro e-bike – that’s Rico Haase’s first predicate. The e-bike expert at E-MTB took the Rapcon Pmax by Simplon for a test ride. He tried it on a 46.6-km course with 1,008 metres of elevation gain – steep climbs and downhill sections included. Find out about Rico’s verdict about the e-fully! But one thing up front: The Rapcon Pmax was awarded “Full-Speed Tip” and “Editor’s Choice”. 


Rico Haase of E-MTB has put the E-MTB to the acid test. What he noticed right away: the bike’s agility and smooth rolling behaviour even at high speeds. “The Rapcon Pmax is definitely not sluggish or feels slow and clunky”, says the expert. Its geometry allows for an extremely sporty riding behaviour. 

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“The Rapcon Pmax is definitely not sluggish or feels slow and clunky”
-Rico Haase-


The Rapcon Pmax is available in three different base versions that mainly differ in their gear shifts (SRAM or Shimano). Just like other Simplon bikes, you can configurate the Rapcon Pmax’s shocks, wheels, tyres and many other features in the online configurator based on your needs and wishes. That’s a definite plus according to Rico Haase! 

The base version selected for the test bike was the SRAM NX Eagle with a few modifications:

•    fork: RockShox Lyrik Ultimate (170 mm)
•    shocks: RockShox Super deluxe Select+ RT (160 mm)
•    gear shift: SRAM NX Eagle
•    brakes: Magura MT7 with 203-mm discs
•    drive unit: Bosch Performance CX Gen4
•    battery/capacity: 625 Wh / extendable to 1.125 Wh via an additional battery
•    display: Bosch Purion
•    tyres: Schwalbe Eddy Current
•    cockpit: Simplon carbon handlebars (800 mm) / Acros Gothic (40 mm)

Out on the trails

Climbs are a breeze with the Rapcon Pmax. Thanks to the power of the Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit and a wide rear tyre, loose gravel, rocks and wet grass aren’t any problem at all. Only when the terrain become very steep, the front wheel might lose a bit of its grip. However, shifting your weight over the handlebars helps the bike to quickly regain its traction. 

Test rider Rico Haase was especially impressed by the bike’s performance on downhill sections: “The Simplon Rapcon Pmax is a full-blooded race speedster that can handle its fair share of blows.” Challenging terrain with root carpets and rock passages are easy to master, and you can get into a good flow right from the start. Changing directions is possible without too much effort. 

It weighs in at 22.9 kg which is also not too shabby. Quite the contrary: Its low centre of gravity makes it well-balanced and supports its sporty riding behaviour. Another feature that has the E-MTB collect Brownie points: its mixed-wheels concept, which significantly improves handling on challenging technical sections. 

“That’s where the Simplon is absolutely in its element! Rough, fast downhills – amazing how much fun you can have on those! Really a full-speed powerhouse!”
-Rico Haase-


•    well balanced: Despite its 22.9 kg, the E-MTB feels sporty and agile. 
•    smart cable routing: The various cables are hardly visible because they’re routed internally through the steerer tube right below the headset.
•    a plush suspension setup: The RockShox products give the bike a plush suspension setup – they have quite the “pop” and make for a smooth rolling behaviour, which is especially noticeable on downhill sections.  
•    customisable: Thanks to the online configurator, you can configurate the bike just how you want it. 


•    shock settings: The shock on the downtube is somewhat hidden, which makes it harder to adjust according to the tester. 
•    seat: The saddle that the tester chose caused him some discomfort on longer tours – however, it can easily be replaced by other models. 

If you’re eager to read the entire test review of the Rapcon Pmax: Go for it! You’re already more than convinced by the e-fully’s merits? Then go ahead and configurate the bike according to your wishes and requirements! 


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