SIMPLON PRIDE II – still the world’s fastest road bike


To date, the SIMPLON PRIDE II is the only road bike with competition-ready equipment to break the 200-watt mark in independent wind tunnel tests.

A sensation at the launch of the PRIDE II

The SIMPLON PRIDE II has been the first road bike developed according to the 2021 updated UCI guidelines for aero road bikes. In TOUR magazine's issue 2/2022 wind tunnel comparison test, it achieved a sensation: it was the first road bike to break the 200 watts (measured at 45 km/h according the independent TOUR standard). To this day, our development team's impressive accomplishment sets the benchmark in the competition for the world's most aerodynamic road bike. The PRIDE II is still unbeaten in independent wind tunnel tests. The latest testing of competitor models in TOUR magazine confirms the top performance of our PRIDE II.

What's the UCI's Clarification Guide?

In the updated UCI guidelines, which have been in effect since January 2021, the International Cycling Union allows larger and flatter frame triangle shapes for competition road bikes. According to these new guidelines, certain components may be more than three times as long as they are wide. With these changes in the so-called "Clarification Guide", the UCI gives manufacturers more flexibility for aerodynamic frame designs.

What happens in the wind tunnel?

To be able to compare the drag of different road bikes in a qualified and reproducible method, measurements are made in the wind tunnel. Here, it is possible to create comparable conditions under which different bikes compete against each other. German TOUR magazine has set an internationally accepted standard for these measurements. Under realistic conditions (including the turbulence occurred by pedalling), drag is measured in watts at different angles of airflow. This test is being recognised as a standard in the cycling industry.

However, the interpretation of the wind tunnel test  also requires a certain amount of caution: for marketing purposes, some manufacturers send their bikes in a configuration with limited functionality to the wind tunnel. The PRIDE II, on the other hand, rolled into the wind tunnel for the TOUR test fully equipped for real-world use: The test bike in medium frame size 55 was fitted with competition-ready gearing with two chainrings and front derailleur, as well as a 400 millimetres wide handlebar that to match the frame size.

Our strength: the customisable equipment

As SIMPLON riders know, not only aerodynamics are crucial when it comes to reaching your top performance on a road bike - it's also the best equipment for your personal needs and the opportunity to customise your bike precisely to your individual body measurements. That's why our customers can put together their own customised dream bike with many options in our extensive bike configurator. With the PRIDE II, for example, six group sets can be combined with eight wheel sets. In terms of ergonomics, our configurator offers more options than competitor bikes with three stem variants (each one adjustable in length) and an adjustable saddle attachment.

However, in the competition for wind tunnel top results and in terms of weight, some of the PRIDE II's competitors lose sight of real-world equipment demands.

The wind tunnel competition: our conclusion

In order to break the PRIDE II's record of 199 watts, we believe that it is not enough to simply build a frame optimised for maximum aerodynamics. It also has to pass the wind tunnel test with practice-related equipment. In a TOUR magazine test published recently, a top bike from a competitor was able to match the PRIDE II in the wind tunnel - but it was equipped with just one chainring, no front derailleur, and with ultra-narrow handlebars measuring just 360 millimetres.

This recent example from TOUR magazine's comparison tests shows just how thin the air in the aerodynamics segment has become: even with the new UCI specifications, significant improvements in aerodynamics are almost impossible to achieve. This underlines the masterpiece our developers achieved 2.5 years ago: tested with competition-ready equipment, the SIMPLON PRIDE II is and remains the fastest road bike in the world to this day - despite its unparalleled flexibility in terms of customisation to meet your own needs and riding requirements.


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