SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax Pinion: The first big review at EMTB

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Successful first review: “If you are looking for a downhill-orientated enduro with Pinion technology, you can only find it at Simplon at the moment” - says EMTB magazine in its big test of the new Rapcon Pmax Pinion. 

SIMPLON RAPCON PMAX PINION – a powerful e-enduro with high-quality carbon frame and a revolutionary drivetrain

Radically designed for tough off-road use: EMTB magazine has ridden our new SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax Pinion in a first extensive review and lauds it as a powerful, modern e-enduro. In combination with the new Pinion drive, the testers list a whole range of advantages the Rapcon Pmax offers: "In addition to the advantages in terms of wear, maintenance and reliability, the Pinion MGU offers further advantages. The centre of gravity moves central and low down in the bike. This is proven by our measurements in the EMTB lab. At 515 millimetres, the centre of gravity is particularly low for a bike in this suspension travel category," the test report mentions. 

In addition, the testers state that the Rapcon Pmax‘ rear suspension has been improved again because the non-suspended mass on the rear wheel shrinks due to the elimination of the cassette and rear derailleur. The test riders particularly like the quietness of the Rapcon Pmax Pinion: "chain slap is eliminated, just like the engine rattle of the Bosch model," notes EMTB magazine. 

If you are looking for a downhill e-enduro with this technology, you can currently only find it at SIMPLON.

Strong in climbing and convincing in downhill, thanks to modern enduro geometry: SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax Pinion

The reviewers also praise the Rapcon Pmax Pinion’s modern geometry with its steep seat angle and central seating position on the bike. As a result, the Rapcon climbs "excellently and in control", the test commends. In downhill riding, our Rapcon convinced them with "a lot of riding safety and outstanding rear end function". 

Our Rapcon Pmax Pinion deserves special recognition for its "pleasant quietness", even on roots and rocky areas "nothing shakes", according to the test report. It notes clear advantages of our Rapcon Pmax Pinion compared to "rattling" bikes with drives from other manufacturers.

All testers felt immediately at comfort on the Simplon.

SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax Pinion specifications

EMTB-Magazine tested the SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax Pinion with these components:


  • Motor: Pinion MGU E1.12 / 720 
  • Wheelset: 29“
  • Tyres: Magic Mary Super Gravity 
  • Fork: Rockshox ZEB select +
  • Rear suspension: Rockshox Super Deluxe 
  • Brakes: Shimano XT 4 Kolben 
  • Drive Train: Pinion
  • Seatpost: Bike Yoke 213mm

The article explicitly mentions the possibility of customizing the equipment in SIMPLON's online configurator. 

SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax Pinion: flexible battery option

The testers like the " convenient removal" of the Supercore batteries from the down tube and that no additional cover is necessary thanks to the semi-integrated design. The review puts the weight of the 720WH battery at 3670 grams, which is considered "quite light". The "long range" of the optionally available range extender with an additional 470 Wh, which is available in the SIMPLON configurator for the Rapcon Pmax Pinion, is also noted.

SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax Pinion: EMTBs verdict

Compelling rear suspension, well balanced riding characteristics, silent on downhills - this is how the review summarizes the major strengths of our new Rapcon Pmax Pinion. The testers from EMTB magazine liked the robust design without a sensitive rear derailleur, the low centre of gravity and the rattle-free noise in tough enduro use. The riding characteristics of the Rapcon Pmax Pinion merit the verdict: "compelling as usual". However, in our opinion the greatest praise in the entire article is: "All testers felt comfortable on the Simplon right away." A bike developer really can't ask for more than that.

Read the entire test report with all the details and many photos of the SIMPLON Rapcon Pmax Pinion in EMTB magazine.


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