Rapcon Pmax Pinion

Rapcon Pmax Pinion

The future is now! The RAPCON PMAX PINION marks the beginning of a new era of E-MTBs and outshines everything that has come before. The revolutionary PINION drive combines motor and gearbox in one housing and makes vulnerable derailleurs obsolete. The centre of gravity of this system is more central than ever. In combination with the selectable chassis with Mullet option and 170/165 or 150/150 mm travel, this results in unbeatable riding performance. The flexible battery range with up to 1495 Wh transforms the bike into an enduring climber.

€ 9,999.00
CHF 9,999.00
from 6
Cross Country
from 6
6 from 6
6 from 6
E-MTB redefined: revolutionary drive technology, 1495 Wh battery capacity and minimal maintenance.
Weight assembled bike
from 23,4 kg
Frame material
150/150 mm | 170/165 mm
Wheel size
29 in| 29/27,5 in (mullet option)
Pinion E1.12 (85 Nm)
720 Wh | 960 Wh, optional: +535 Wh
    Rapcon Pmax Pinion
    Worry free wild rides

    The extremely impact and shock-resistant Rock Guard protects both the high-quality carbon frame and the motor unit from hits and stone chips - perfect for wild rides downhill and uphill.

    Less maintenance, more riding

    Time intensive chain maintenance after every ride, and gear adjustment when external contact causes disalignment, is a thing of the past with the low-maintenance combination of the MGU and belt.

    Smooth operator

    Annoying chain rattle is a thing of the past - the responsive belt tensioner ensures optimal tension in the system, regardless of the terrain or environment. Only a quiet bike is a fast bike…

    Critical Mass

    The combination of motor and gearing pushes the center of gravity into the middle of the bike. The removal of a cassette and rear derailleur ensures easier handling, and the proven Rapcon rear triangle works even better.

    Always stay cool

    The RAPCON PMAX PINION is a true sportster. Ventilation slots in the headset area provide the battery with additional cooling. Brutal tours even in hot weather? Check!

    Premium pivots

    The rotating cable guide on the main bearing prevents cable movement during compression. Good for the kinematics, and the cables are also happy. Further forward in the frame: the sealed charging port.

    Ergonomic control unit

    Choose your preferred FIT cockpit in the bike configurator. What they all have in common: operation directly on the handlebars, excellent readability (even with sunglasses) and the powerful "E-Bike Control" app.

    Power for bloody long tours

    The bottle holder can be replaced by a range extender for a whopping total of up 1495 Wh. The primary battery is located in the downtube is secured with a key.


    You want a versatile e-MTB for trail and enduro with a trendsetting drivetrain? Then the Rapcon Pmax Pinion is your bike. With Pinion's innovative E-Drive System and the geometry adapted to it, we have improved the versatile riding characteristics of the Rapcon Pmax even further. Reduced to a single component, the 12-speed drivetrain with stress-free belt guarantees reliable operation at the highest level and the necessary reliability to get you further on the trail.

    Speaking of distances: batteries with a capacity of at least 720 Wh can be installed in the frame of the Rapcon PMAX Pinion. With an additional range extender, a maximum battery capacity of an outstanding 1495 Wh is possible for epically long tours and enduring summit storms.


    Conical Screw Connection

    The combination of conical bearing seats, bearings and screws guarantees a backlash-free connection. Very low maintenance, low risk of cracking noises.


    The Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) from Pinion manages to merge a powerful, wear-free motor and electronic gear shifting into an innovative drive unit system, all under the same housing. The advantages are:

    • The all-in-one Pinion MGU requires (apart from an oil change every 10.000 km) zero maintenance.
    • Thanks to the long-lasting belt drive, there is no need for a chain and rear derailleur - two components that are constantly exposed to dirt and water. The advantage: significantly reduced service efforts.
    • Without a rear derailleur and cassette, and with the central placement of the motor-gear unit in the bottom bracket area, the mass on the rear wheel shrinks to a minimum. The result: optimal weight distribution with balanced handling off-road.
    • The integrated gearbox enables uninterrupted shifting under full load. If desired, the Pinion MGU can change gears automatically.

    You can find out more about the Pinion MGU and the other e-bike motor systems we use in this magazine article.