Drive units for SIMPLON e-bikes at a glance


Pinion, TQ, Bosch & Mahle: SIMPLON e-bikes & E-MTBs are equipped with e-power from these manufacturers. Read on to find out more about e-bike motors!

Which e-bike drive unit is right for me?

Are you torn between the advantages of a lightweight design and the thrill of maximum power? Perhaps you are intrigued by the idea of an innovative new drive unit that seamlessly combines the motor and electric transmission in a compact unit? E-bike or e-mountain bike: It’s important to recognise that every rider has distinct preferences and requirements, especially when it comes to the motor. But how do you find the right drive unit for your specific wishes?

Read on to learn which drive system is best suited to your riding style and which motor manufacturers we like to use for our SIMPLON bikes. Also find out about the much sought-after market innovation by Pinion, which has already been successfully incorporated into select SIMPLON models.

E-bike motors: the right drive unit for you

Which motor suits my riding style best? You should ask yourself this important question right at the beginning of the bike selection process. Depending on whether you are looking for gentle or powerful support, there are different drive units to consider. SIMPLON e-bikes and e-mountain bikes use motors from the following manufacturers:

  • Brand-new innovation for the model year 2024: the compact and low-maintenance Pinion e-drive system
  • The lightweight and whisper-quiet drive unit by TQ for an extra natural riding experience.
  • The powerhouse with a large battery capacity by Bosch
  • The beautifully integrated Mahle motor for efficient support directly at the rear hub

Pinion e-drive system: compact, innovative, low-maintenance – the bike revolution

You’re a fan of innovative technologies? We’ve got you covered thanks to our collaboration with Pinion. We have already integrated Pinion’s brand-new e-drive system into some of our most popular e-bike models. For urban riders or daily commuters, the KAGU CARBON PINION stands out as the perfect choice. In the category of e-mountain bikes, the RAPCON PMAX PINION features the efficient and low-maintenance Pinion motor. Our bike developers strongly believe that this innovative drive unit marks a true revolution in the world of e-bikes, and not without reason: Pinion has successfully managed to accommodate both the motor and the electronic gear shift in one compact unit.

This offers several advantages: Our e-bikes with Pinion e-drive system boast optimal weight distribution, resulting in remarkably natural and well-balanced handling. Thanks to the encapsulated design of the drive and gears, the system is extremely low maintenance. In addition, Pinion also offers a belt drive option that requires minimal maintenance. This means the entire setup becomes highly resistant to external factors such as dirt or water.

While the focus rightly remains on Pinion’s innovative drive unit, let’s not overlook the array of other advanced solutions included within their e-drive system. Take, for instance, the powerful and relatively compact batteries that allow for the flexibility to extend their range whenever required using range extenders. Pinion’s e-drive system also incorporates a user-friendly electronic gear shifter that delivers exceptional comfort and even changes gears semi-automatically if desired. Another highlight: its adaptability to individual preferences and needs, achieved via the user-friendly app. This app also integrates seamlessly with route planning and navigation. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the Pinion e-drive system proudly bears the "Made in Germany" label.

Key facts about the Pinion drive unit:

  • powerful motor with approx. 85 Nm
  • electronic gear shift with 9 or 12 gears
  • Ultracore batteries with a capacity of 720 or 960 Wh that can be flexibly combined
  • optional range extender for a maximum battery capacity of up to 1,430 Wh
  • 4 support levels, extra boost button and starting aid
  • motor-gearbox unit: motor and gearbox in one housing with extremely compact design
  • very user-friendly service intervals of 10,000 kilometres
  • durable, low-maintenance belt drive
  • individually customisable system via smartphone app
  • tour planning and navigation in combination with the FIT E-Bike Control App
  • Made in Germany

Pinion’s e-drive system boasts a discreet, compact design, combining the motor and gears seamlessly in one unit. Positioned in the bottom bracket area, it ensures optimal weight distribution and natural handling. The removable battery in the down tube adds convenience, while the smartphone app allows for individual riding mode adjustments.

SIMPLON e-bikes with the innovative Pinion e-drive system

For those looking for a dependable and low-maintenance e-bike, Pinion’s new e-drive system comes highly recommended. The service intervals span 10,000 kilometres. Moreover, when paired with the low-maintenance belt drive, the system is maximally reliable and delivers the utmost stress-free experience. So if you want a versatile e-bike suitable for city rides, daily commuting as well as trekking, the Kagu Pinion is the ideal choice for you.

The Rapcon Pmax Pinion sets new standards among E-MTBs. The compact Pinion drive unit ensures optimum weight distribution and perfect handling on the trails. Thanks to the gear shift and belt drive, the Rapcon Pmax Pinion is extremely resistant to dirt and potential damage. Beyond that, it also stands out as a remarkably low-maintenance choice, boasting maintenance intervals of 10,000 kilometres.

TQ motors: natural riding feel in the mountains and in the city

Do you love the natural feel of an ordinary bike but would like some light assistance when pedalling? The TQ motor does just that! Whether it’s on your way to work or while climbing the summit: The support from the state-of-the-art HPR50 drive unit feels more natural than ever. All components are beautifully integrated into the design, so they can easily go overlooked. To hear the drive, it has to be virtually silent around you. The only thing you’ll immediately notice is the natural support, which gives you a slight boost in performance – almost as if you had just eaten a power bar. The HPR gearbox is installed in the crank area, and this contributes significantly to the natural riding feel, as friction and noise are reduced. In addition, the pin-ring technology allows for a very compact motor design, which in turn ensures a very low overall weight. The integrated flywheel guarantees that there is no unnatural resistance even when freewheeling or riding without the motor switched on.

Key facts about the TQ drive unit:

  • whisper-quiet and barely visible HPR50 drive unit "made in Germany"
  • 60-Wh battery – also suitable for longer e-bike and E-MTB tours
  • range extender that provides an additional 160 Wh
  • 3 riding modes that can be individually set via the app
  • convenient, very compact remote button for switching between riding modes
  • natural support with up to 50 Nm for a sense of effortlessness when riding the bike
  • total weight of only 1.85 kg

The drive unit can hardly be seen on the bike itself. The LED display integrated in the top tube shows important data such as the current battery status, the riding mode and the range. Another task of the display: communicate with bike computers or the TQ app. In the TQ app, the data is mirrored one-to-one and in real time. If you want to change the riding mode, you can also do this on your smartphone: The settings can be individually adjusted in the app.

SIMPLON e-bikes with super-lightweight TQ motor

TQ motors are the optimal choice for riders who want to experience a natural riding feel. If you are mainly riding in the city, then you’ll make heads turn with the Silkcarbon TQ. However, the fact that the city bike is an e-bike is easy to overlook and ignore.

For pure trail fun in nature, hop onto the Rapcon Pmax TQ. The natural soundscape isn’t disturbed for a second thanks to its whisper-quiet motor. And the gentle support allows you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings to the full.

Powerful e-bike motors by Bosch

Harmonious or powerful support: Bosch offers the right motor for every riding style. City bikes, mountain bikes and trekking bikes – there is a suitable motor for every SIMPLON bike category. A Bosch drive unit consists of a mid-drive motor, battery, display, control unit and optional app. Over the years, different lines have been developed for different areas of use.

Light support for SIMPLON e-bikes from the Active Line Plus

Are you looking for minimal support for everyday rides? Then Bosch Active Line Plus motors are the perfect choice for you. At SIMPLON, you’ll find the system in the Kagu Bosch Uni as well as in the Chenoa Uni – the powerful city bike that is even more comfortable thanks to the low step-through frame. Plus, it’s still the lightest in its class on the market. If desired and for even more range, an optionally available battery can be retrofitted to the luggage rack.

Key facts about the Active Line Plus

  • harmoniously controlled acceleration
  • agile and easy handling
  • winner of the Red Dot Design Award
  • low weight of 3.2 kg (excluding battery)
  • natural support with 50 Nm

Powerful Performance Line drive units for long-distance enthusiasts

If you want to cover longer distances with as little battery use as possible, we recommend the Performance Line by Bosch. The virtually silent drive units support you with a torque of 65 Nm and are installed in the Kagu Bosch Uni and the Chenoa Uni.

Key facts about the Performance Line

  • compact, robust and extremely quiet
  • support from 65 to 75 Nm
  • natural riding feel 
  • dynamic and sporty acceleration even at low pedalling cadence
  • perfect drive unit for city and trekking bikes
  • weight of 3.2 kg (excluding battery)

Powerful support for SIMPLON e-bikes from the Performance Line CX

The Performance Line CX is responsible for the powerful support on SIMPLON e-mountain bikes. Whether it’s on trails, during climbs or on longer tours: You’re guaranteed powerful support with a torque of 85 Nm and the 625-Wh PowerTube battery. The Steamer Pmax, Stomp Pmax and Rapcon Pmax additionally offer maximum power transfer. 

The Chenoa Max, Chenoa Bosch CX and Uni, Kagu Bosch CX 275 and Spotlight Bosch CX feature the Performance Line CX as well. Here, too, it provides powerful support – both on the way to work and on longer tours.

Tip: If you want to expand the existing battery capacity of 625 Wh, check out the SIMPLON Edition bikes. Selected models can easily be extended with an additional 500 Wh.    


Key facts about the Performance Line CX

  • compact and robust
  • powerful support of 85 Nm
  • dynamic and sporty acceleration even at low cadences
  • noticeable support at high cadences
  • perfect drive unit for trekking and mountain bikes
  • special E-MTB mode with optimised riding characteristics
  • weight of 2.9 kg (excluding battery)

New in 2023: Performance Line CX Race

Do you love challenging trails and want to climb summits with the help of maximum E-MTB power? Then you might be interested in the latest innovation by Bosch: the Performance Line CX Race. 

Low weight, extremely fast acceleration and a riding mode specifically developed for E-MTB races are just some of its impressive features. The optionally available drive unit turns the Rapcon Pmax CX into an energy-charged powerhouse. With 750 Wh of battery capacity as standard, you can master even challenging tours with little effort.

Key facts about the Performance Line CX Race


  • compact and robust drive unit
  • 85 Nm torque for a super-sporty riding experience
  • exclusive race mode with increased support (400 %) for maximum speed
  • low weight of only 2.75 kg (excluding battery)

Customisation options à la Bosch

Another optional feature is the display, which shows the most important data, such as the number of kilometres travelled. Four Bosch display models are used on SIMPLON e-bikes.     

Mahle: Loss-free electric power, directly from the rear hub

If you are looking for barely audible and visible support from an efficient and lightweight motor, then we warmly recommend the X20 system by Mahle. The extremely light, low-noise system is especially suitable for road bikes, urban bikes and trekking bikes. 

You can find the Mahle X20 harmoniously integrated into the designs of our Inissio Pmax and our Kiaro Pmax. The drive unit is installed directly on the rear hub, which results in efficient and virtually invisible support. The 236 Wh battery in the down tube is hardly noticeable at all. The central control unit, neatly integrated in the top tube, stands out with its use of artificial intelligence which provides a customised riding experience tailored to your riding habits. Depending on the bike model, the X20 system can be optionally enhanced with a range extender for 175 Wh extra power, the wireless bord computer "PulsarONE" as well as with a shifter to switch between support levels direclty from the handlebar.

Key facts about the Mahle X20 drive unit:

  • Almost invisible e-bike drive unit integrated into the rear hub
  • Supports up to 55 Nm
  • Extremly low total weight of 3.2 kg (incl. battery)
  • 236 Wh battery integrated in the down tube (please note: We currently have no bikes with Mahle's 350 Wh battery installed)
  • Intelligent quick charger with up to 4 A (80% of the total battery capacity can be charged within less than 2 hours)
  • Optional range extender that provides an additional 175 Wh
  • (Depending on bike model:) Convenient shifter to switch between different support levels directly from the handlebar

Last but not least, Mahle's MySmartBike app offers very interesting features: First of all, it turns your smartphone into a bike computer - e.g. the battery charging status, the current location of your bike, and statistics about your rides are available on your smartphone in real-time. Just as with apps such as Strava or komoot, you can also record routes with the Mahle app. A real highlight among the many other app features is the automatic determination of the motor support level based on your heart rate (when connected to a heart rate monitor).

More expert knowledge about e-bike drive units

Now you know the three manufacturers that provide the electric power for SIMPLON’s e-bikes. You also know that the range of many bikes can be extended using a range extender. But can you explain the differences between a rear-hub and a mid-drive motor? In our magazine article, you can read up on the two types of motors. You can find out more about the systems and their influence on bike performance in our article on drivetrain technology!

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