SIMPLON accessories – gadgets for your bike


Trailer adapters, battery covers, and more: In the SIMPLON Magazine, you can find out which accessories can be combined with your bike. Learn more!

SIMPLON accessories – handy gadgets for your bike

Individual needs require tailor-made extras

For a bike tour with children or for the needs of passionate all-season riders: Our SIMPLON experts know what cyclists want. That’s why they’ve developed three special and very handy gadgets – in the usual high SIMPLON quality.

SIMPLON trailer adapter for family bike rides

Of course, even the youngest family members want to come along on a fun family bike ride. The SIMPLON trailer adapter helps you securely connect a trailer to your bike. It ensures a sturdy and stable connection via the frame's stand mount.

The adapter is available for the following models: 

Please note: The adapter does not work in combination with gear hubs (Rohloff, Enviolo).

SIMPLON tip: You can find more information on how to install and use the adapter in the manual and, of course, our SIMPLON dealers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

SImplon Gadget - trailer adapter

Rollers-ready – for year-round cycling pleasure

Ready to (rock’n’)roll? Passionate bikers who own a Pride, Inissio Gravel, Kiaro Disc or MR.T2 can get on their bike no matter the weather. By putting it on rollers, they can simply continue their training indoors.

Models with the "rollers-ready" label have passed a special test and can be used in combination with turbo trainers and direct drives. The only prerequisite is that they’re not directly clamped onto the carbon frame. Instead, you need to connect them via a special axle – and then, "full speed ahead"!

Good to know: All SIMPLON models can be used on standard rollers. All you need to do is set the right wheelbase.

Are you curious about rollers training and would like to give it a try? Read our article "How to: training on rollers" for some helpful tips and tricks.

Long live the battery with neoprene battery cover!

Just as you protect yourself with the right clothing when you go for a ride in the rain, you can also protect the area on the bike where the battery is located – with a neoprene battery cover. And if you take good care of your battery while riding, you should also protect it when you store it away. In other words, whenever you’re transporting your bike by car or when you’re storing it in a cool place, you should remove the battery …

The neoprene battery cover protects the area on the down tube where the battery is located from moisture and dirt.

Learn more about e-bike battery care in our blogpost.

The right gadget for every SIMPLON bike

Ever since the beginning of SIMPLON's history, bike enthusiasts have appreciated the numerous options for customisation. These include, for instance, upgrade options such as different stem lengths, cranks and cassettes, wheels, but also different fork and shock options.

Thanks to SIMPLON accessories for selected models, you’ll have even more options to make your dream bike match your needs and wishes 100 %. Any more questions? Your nearest SIMPLON dealer will be happy to advise you on our bikes and, of course, also on our handy gadgets.


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