Tips on how to get fit for spring


Cross-country skating, soccer or training on the roller – here’s how to stay fit throughout winter! Ready for the next bike season? 

Fit for the new bike season

4 tips for a successful start 

The days are getting longer, temperatures are rising, and your bike is slowly waking from its winter slumber. If you stored your bike for winter  correctly, you may start into the new season right away. 

But what about your fitness? Are you ready for the first ride in spring, too? You might be running out of breath quicker than you thought. Your muscles are aching and the following day, you feel them: the dreaded DOMS! The little tears in muscle fibres happen when untrained muscle groups are put under unusual stress. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks on how to prepare for your first bike tour this year. 

Cross-country skating – for more strength and endurance

Classic cross-country skiing is the perfect winter sport for cyclists. Why, you may ask? During ascents and descents, the arms, legs, back and torso are holistically challenged. Based on your skills and physical shape, choose the right level of difficulty in terms of the terrain!

Good to know: Basic endurance can be trained on even ground, strength endurance on short ascents.

The skating technique is even more similar to cycling: The legs are required to perform while being bent. Pushing with your legs resembles pushing the pedals. Skating also requires more strength and endurance than classic cross-country skiing. It’s the perfect recreational sport for athletic bikers in winter. 

Better coordination thanks to ball sports

Volleyball, tennis or soccer – these sports require everything that’s essential for biking as well: endurance, strength and speed. The rapidly changing movement patterns activate both the cardiovascular system and the different muscle groups. Added bonus: You’re training your coordination and ability to react quickly.

Roller training – easy and effective

Possibly the best way to stay in shape is continuing to train on the bike. The roller makes that possible! There are several different models to choose from: the standard roller, free roller or roller with additional functionalities like a 3D animated training track and competitions. You’ll find rollers in nearly all price ranges. When buying one, you should watch out for size, stability and resistance. Also keep in mind, which bike and roller type you are! 

Set goals for yourself!

Think about what was slowing you down during last season and where your weaknesses are. Is it endurance? Or are you lacking the necessary strength in certain areas? The answers will tell you what you need to focus on during winter. 

What do you want to achieve athletically? Complete your first bike marathon? Or maybe win a stage race? Write down your goals. That’ll motivate you and you’ll always know exactly why it’s worth it to put some effort into training throughout the colder months. 

By knowing your potential weaknesses and what your goals are, you can create a personalised training programme for yourself. 


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