Top score in ElektroRad magazine's review: the Simplon Spotlight Mahle XT

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„Performance, equipment, configurability – everything’s top!“ says ElektroRad-magazine in its review about our Spotlight Mahle XT.

The Spotlight Mahle XT impresses in ElektroRad magazine's review als a very good all-rounder

Thanks to its low weight, the 30-speed drivetrain, which is rather unusual for an e-bike, and its proximity to a classic bicycle, SIMPLON’S Spotlight Mahle XT received the top rating "very good" in the test of Germany’s ElektroRad magazine. The bike leaves a thoroughly positive impression.

An e-bike close to the classic bicycle: Simplon's Spotlight Mahle XT

The Spotlight Mahle XT earns a lot of praise in ElektroRad magazine’s review. Although the electric drive is hardly visible in the lightweight touring-bike’s rear wheel, the support of Mahle’s X20 even on moderate climbs is mentioned positively: "In the strongest of the three support levels, you feel a tailwind from the engine.” And the article continues: "Considering its weight and dimensions, Mahle’s motor offers a lot of power!”

The test crew particularly emphasizes how "close to the classic bicycle" the Spotlight Mahle XT rides. With its 30-speed gearshift, it is fully suitable for touring even without the support of the rear-wheel motor, the article states. With its three chainrings, which is very rare among pedelecs, and its light weight of only 17 kilos including a range extender, the e-bike rides "very close to the classic bicycle", the testers commend.

Simplon Spotlight Mahle XT specifications

ElektroRad magazine tested the Spotlight Mahle XT with these components:

  • Motor: Mahle X20, 55 Nm / 236 Wh + 185 Wh Range-Extender
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Supreme, 28 x 50 mm
  • Fork: Carbon, rigid
  • Brakes: Magura MT4 / 180 mm
  • Drivetrain: Shimano XT, 3 x 10
  • Seatpost: Simplon
  • Saddle: Selle Italia S5
  • Lights: B+M IQ-XS / Toplight
  • Fenders: Hebie Alumee

In its article, ElektroRad magazine emphasizes Simplon’s bikes are "highly customizable", and in conclusion the configurability of the Simplon Spotlight Mahle XT is highlighted once again.

High comfort and good specifications

The Spotlight Mahle XT also scored in the test for its equipment. According to the article, "Schwalbe’s good all-round tyres, a comfortable touring saddle, ergonomic grips and the not too stiff combination of aluminium frame and carbon rigid fork" ensure good comfort on the bike. The mudguards are sufficiently wide, the lighting system very bright, they continue. And: "Magura’s brakes really pack a punch". In the test’s conclusion, the equipment is highlighted, once again.

Everything top! That’s the conclusion of the test of the Spotlight Mahle XT summed up in two words. ElektroRad magazine’s experts say say: "The Simplon is really convincing riding the line between e-bike and classic bicycle."

Detailed results of the Spotlight Mahle XT’s review can be found in ElektroRad magazine’s issue 03/2023.


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