Pride II

Pride II

Energy saving in perfection. The PRIDE II is currently breaking all wind tunnel records, boasts minimal air resistance and makes highly efficient use of the sail effect for maximum propulsion. This benefits not only pros at top speed but also long-distance riders at medium speed. The custom designed cockpit is available in many variants and can be individually adapted in our Individual-System.

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We are proud to present the fastest UCI-compliant road racing bike in the world!
Weight assembled bike
from 7,5 kg
Frame weight
1210 g (M)
Frame material
UCI compliant
    Pride II
    Pro, marathon or comfort

    The cockpit can be individually adapted thanks to three different stem versions with a length adjustment range of 15 mm each.

    It's all in the mix

    For the optimum balance between propulsion and riding stability, the PRIDE is equipped with tyres of different widths.

    Optimum braking performance

    Disc brakes (160/140 mm) ensure optimum braking performance no matter the weather. 

    Lightweight and comfortable

    The frame and carbon fork can accommodate tyres that are up to 30 mm wide.

    Customized, according to your wishes

    Handlebar width, stem length, stem angle and saddle position can all be configured.

    For an aerodynamic position

    With the modular extension, you are perfectly equipped for your next triathlon or long-distance ride.

    A harmonious unit

    To further reduce air resistance, a fork was developed that is optimally integrated into the frame.

    Year-round riding fun

    The Pride II is approved for indoor training and can be used with standard rollers, turbo trainers and direct drives.

    The ultimate racing machine

    Listen up, road cyclists! Do you want to declare war on air resistance and ride faster than ever? The carbon frame and all add-on parts of the Pride II were optimised based on air-flow simulations and extensive wind tunnel tests. The result: an aero racer unlike any other. According to our database, there is currently no faster UCI-compliant road bike on the market. RennRad magazine confirms this statement in its 9/2021 issue: "No road bike we have tested so far has ever achieved better aerodynamics than the new, extensively revised SIMPLON Pride". This makes it the first choice for ambitious riders and professional road cyclists. 


    "We want to develop the fastest road racing bike in the world!" That was the clear goal of our road bike developers. And the result is impressive: with the PRIDE II, we have found the optimum compromise between aerodynamics and the weight of the road bike while also fulfilling all the rules of the new UCI guidelines. But how is this possible?

    From the very beginning, the specifications of the UCI played an important role and were taken into account during the design process. With the help of aerodynamics specialists, we first went into the virtual wind tunnel and then into the real one. The special shape of the PRIDE II tube and the effect of the side winds confirmed the so-called sail effect. But what does that actually mean? And how did the reality check turn out?

    Discover the full story in this magazine article.


    Adjustable seatpost

    The aero seatpost is available in two basic positions – for maximum flexibility: 1.0 mm offset and 2.17 mm offset.


    The geometry table will help you find the perfect frame size. If you are unsure, our experts will be happy to help you with a free online consultation.

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    Pride II