Rapcon Pmax TQ

Rapcon Pmax TQ

The best of both worlds! A symbiosis of “natural“ riding, agility, lightness and e-power. The RAPCON PMAX TQ – on option with Mullet wheels – convinces as a trail or enduro bike, thanks to its travel options! The newly developed TQ drive serves as an extremely quiet and comfortable shuttle on steep and rough climbs. Downhill, the trail bike starting at 17.9 kg impresses with its agility, manoeuvrability and responsiveness. This bike loves the mountains and literally longs for adventure, freedom, forest soil, berms, roots and natural trails.

€ 8,699.00
CHF 8,699.00
from 6
Cross Country
0 from 6
6 from 6
6 from 6
Award-winning light eMTB for all those who love a natural riding experience.
Weight assembled bike
from 18,0 kg
Frame material
150/150 mm | 170/165 mm
Wheel size
29 in | 29/27,5 in (mullet option)
360 Wh | optional: +160 Wh
    Rapcon Pmax TQ
    Weatherproof charging socket

    The battery charging socket is well protected from moisture thanks to the waterproof spring flap and yet still comfortable to operate.

    Slim design

    Responsible for the low weight of the bike: the super-lightweight carbon frame and the compact motor, which weighs in at only 1,850 g.

    Quickly adapted geometry

    With the optional wheel mix of 29" front and 27.5" rear, the changed geometry can be quickly and easily compensated by the smaller rear wheel via the flip chip on the lower shock mount.

    Tidy Look

    The special cable routing in the down tube creates a slim appearance, and the Smart Headset ensures a tidy look.

    Extra strong

    Double bearings at all bearing points significantly increase rigidity and durability.

    Safe operation in the off-road sector

    An extremely impact-resistant housing made of various materials (aluminium, ABS, rubber) protects the motor unit from impact and stone chips.

    Lightweight and compact

    TQ-HPR50 drive unit for natural assistance with 50 Nm and currently the highest torque density on the market: 82 Nm/dm³.

    Everything in sight

    Important data such as battery status, riding mode or available range are shown on the high-quality display, which is elegantly integrated into the frame.

    Extra Power

    The standard 360-Wh battery can be expanded by 160 Wh via the dual battery option.


    The super-lightweight carbon frame makes MTB dreams come true. The low weight is complemented by maximum stiffness, which is made possible by the firmly integrated 360-Wh battery. The XI geometry ensures that the chainstays grow with the frame size. This results in perfect wheel load distribution and optimal riding smoothness for maximum safety. Those who like their bikes to be even more agile can opt for the Mullet option. A 27.5-inch wheel is mounted in the rear, and the resulting change in geometry gets compensated for via flip-chip.


    Smart Headset

    All cables run from the handlebar through the headset into the frame interior and provide a tidy look. The shorter cables also save weight and don't come into the enclosure in front of the handlebars.


    Do you love the natural feel of a mountain bike, but would like a little assistance when pedalling? Then the TQ motor is the right choice! You have to be as quiet as a mouse to hear the motor as you climb the summit. The drive unit is barely visible, as all the components are beautifully integrated into the bike. The current battery status, riding mode and range are visible on the LED display integrated into the top tube. You will only feel the slight energy kick of the HPR50 "made in Germany" drive unit on the trails.

    You can find out more about the TQ motor and other e-bike motor systems we use in this magazine article.