Cirex SL

Cirex SL

The CIREX SL is the ultimate answer for all cross country and down country fans. This bike makes summiting and touring equally rewarding with minimal effort. The super light (SL) frame saves another 200 grams compared to the standard CIREX version and sets the limit of what is technically possible. Its balanced geometry allows high speeds in demanding terrain. And the suspension with 100 or 120 mm travel absorbs fine and rough impacts highly efficiently.

€ 6,399.00
CHF 6,399.00
0 from 6
Cross Country
6 from 6
4 from 6
from 6
The epitome of "super light" in the cross-country segment.
Weight assembled bike
from 9,8 kg
Frame material
100/100 mm | 120/120 mm
Wheel size
29 In
    Cirex SL
    Maximum fun in rough terrain

    Thanks to the front suspension fork and the rear shocks, you’ll have optimum grip. Whether you opt for the 100-mm suspension or the 120-mm option – the MTB-fully offers maximum fun in rough terrain!

    Optically tidy design

    The rotatable cable guide in the main bearing prevents cable movements during compression. The result: No rubbing of the cables at the frame and an optically tidy design.

    More efficient geometry

    The update to the previous CIREX 120 model has it all! The more efficient geometry – with a flatter steering angle, steeper seat angle, longer reach, etc. – makes demanding terrain a piece of cake. 

    Extremely high rigidity

    The new generation of the CIREX impresses with its light weight and extremely high rigidity. Uncompromising propulsion guaranteed!


    The CIREX SL is the ultimate bike for all cross-country enthusiasts, summit racers and touring riders who want to generate maximum output with minimum effort. But it’s not only a delight to ride during climbs – it shows off its merits on tough downhills as well: The full-suspension MTB is available with 100 mm suspension travel or, alternatively, in a down-country version with 120 mm.


    Smart Headset

    Cables and wires run from the handlebars through a special headset into the interior of the frame. The smart headset provides a tidy look and protects the cables.


    With SIMPLON’s geometry table, you can find the right bike for your individual needs. Because one thing’s for sure: The geometry is a deciding factor in how your bike feels when you ride it!

    sr.Table Scrollable
    Cirex SL 120/116 S M L XL
    A 390 425 465 510
    B 577 605 627 655
    C 67,4° 67,4° 67,4° 67,4°
    D 75,4° 75,4° 75,9° 75,9°
    E 89 102 115 128
    F 435 435 435 435
    G 1134 1164 1194 1224
    H 40 40 40 40
    I 532 532 532 532
    K 44 44 44 44
    L 120 120 120 120
    M 757 757 757 757
    N 116 116 116 116
    S 596 608 620 632
    R 421 446 471 496
    STR* 1,42 1,36 1,32 1,28

    All lengths in mm
    *The higher the number, the more upright is the seating position.

    sr.Table Scrollable
    Cirex SL S M L XL
    A 390 425 465 510
    B 576 604 626 654
    C 68° 68° 68° 68°
    D 76° 76° 76,5° 76,5°
    E 89 102 115 128
    F 435 435 435 435
    G 1128 1158 1188 1218
    H 45 45 45 45
    I 511 511 511 511
    K 44 44 44 44
    L 100 100 100 100
    M 746 746 746 746
    N 100 100 100 100
    S 585 597 609 621
    R 430 455 480 505
    STR* 1,36 1,31 1,27 1,23

    All lengths in mm
    *The higher the number, the more upright is the seating position.

    Test Reports

    MOUNTAINBIKE test report on the Cirex SL

    Its low weight and a propulsion-oriented frame design make the Cirex SL the perfect bike for moderate trails. Read the test report!

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    Cirex SL tested by BIKE

    "Simply great": That’s the verdict of the testers at BIKE magazine regarding the Cirex SL with super-light carbon frame and 120 mm suspension travel. Read more!

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    Technical Details


    SIMPLON technologies make the Cirex SL unique: The Flexlink not only replaces a complete joint, which increases stiffness but also reduces wear and maintenance requirements.
    What’s more, there’s no cable rub, and the bike sports a clean look thanks to internal cable routing: All cables such as the shift cable and brake line are routed through the inside of the frame. The pivoting cable guide on the main bearing keeps things sleek and also sets the technical standard in terms of cable routing. 


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